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Unique Vacation Ideas from 98 Luxury Apartments in Owasso

98 luxury apartments in Owasso provides a summer oasis for our residents to get the most out of June, July and August. Our residents have been catching rays at our resort-style pool and cabana all summer long, but all good things must come to an end.

As August comes to a close we tend to look back on the summer months wistfully. If you were lucky enough to go on a vacation early in the summer you’re probably craving that feeling again. Maybe you’re already planning how you can get out of town when the cold winds of December come howling across the prairie. As the most amenity rich apartments for rent in Owasso, we love seeing our residents get the most out of life. The team at 98 luxury apartments in Owasso found a perfect article to save you from your winter fears titled The Best Countries For Americans to Hit by the End of 2016 from the always reliable writers at Thrillist. We read through the article and pulled out some of the most appealing vacation destinations for your reading pleasure. Follow us on social media for more traveling tips from the most amenity rich apartments for rent in Owasso.


Greece offers a unique combination of white sand beaches and major historical significance spread out across its nearly 6,000 islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of this, 2.5 million British people travel to Greece every year for vacation. At least, they did before Brexit happened. Now the President of the Greek Tourism Federation is expressing concern that the drop in value of the pound coupled with extra cost for British tourists going there will result in fewer last minute bookings to Greece. What does this mean for Americans? Well, for starters it means Greece’s beaches will be less crowded, as well as likely savings on hotels and airfare as demand drops. Greece was already one of the more affordable vacation destinations in Europe, but now that the British won’t be traveling there in droves it should be even cheaper.

Sri Lanka

This island off the coast of Thailand was mired in civil war for 26 years, preventing the country from experiencing the same kind of tourism booms as their neighbors in Southern Thailand and Bali. Sri Lanka ended the conflict and returned to normalcy only 7 years ago, but it’s been a strong 7 years for the beachy Asian island. Sri Lanka boasts a strong tourism economy to go along with well-established tourism infrastructure that doesn’t diminish the island’s natural beauty one bit. With Sri Lanka, getting there is the only hard part. Flights to Sri Lanka can be anywhere from $1500-$2000 but once you arrive you’ll be blown away by how affordable day to day life is. This relaxed atmosphere may not last long since the Hyatt and Shangri-La hotel chains are already starting construction in the island nation’s capitol so get to Sri Lanka as soon as you can.


98 has the apartments for rent Owasso prefers. Everyone knows that. Time for some things people don’t know. For instance, did you know North America’s biggest Caribbean Carnival happens each year in Toronto? Or how about that British Columbia has the same kind of fjords you’ve only ever heard of in Norway? Justin Bieber and Drake have brought Canada tons of unwanted publicity lately, but Canada also has a new prime minister and a currency that’s suddenly very weak against the US dollar. Americans have tons of buying power in Canada right now thanks to falling oil prices and Canada has plenty to offer in return. If you thought the Rockies west of Denver were spectacular, wait until you see the Rockies in ocean-side British Columbia. Canada is the affordable vacation destination that no one ever thinks of because of its winters, but if you’ve got time to sneak in one last road trip before the summer is over, consider making your way to our neighbors to the north.

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