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How to Turn Your Owasso Apartments into a Restaurant

The apartments Owasso residents choose for luxurious living are back with another blog post! This week, we’re talking about all the little things you can do in your kitchen to get yourself to eat out less and save a little money.


You’ve got your favorite things in your cooking corner.

What is a cooking corner, you ask? It’s pretty self-explanatory actually. A cooking corner is your little space in the kitchen, where you have all the essentials within reach, a pair of speakers nearby and a couple of snacks on hand at all times.


You create your own cooking corner, and the goal should be to make a space where you actually might want to hang out while you cook your meals. It’s a lot easier to convince yourself to cook a meal if you’ve got a nice place to hang out while you wait for water to boil or chicken breasts to thaw.


If you want to get really fancy, you can set your cooking corner up with an iPad or other tablet to keep Netflix on while you play chef. It’s all about creating a space that you can spend time in, so start designing your own cooking corner tonight!


You’re able to make your home feel like a restaurant.

What do we like about going out to eat? Besides the food, we usually like the ambiance that restaurants provide, which can be hard to replicate at home. Notice we said hard, not impossible.


If you want to get that restaurant experience in the comfort of your Owasso apartments, you can start by investing in some candles. Keep a few on your dining room table and a few on shelves around the apartment. Next, start searching for an affordable little bar cart to add to your place. When you’re serving drinks or entertaining friends, a bar car makes everything seem a little more luxurious.


Finally, make sure you have some speakers around. Whether you get one of those little Bluetooth speakers or a nicer, more expensive set, having some music playing in the background is a great way to create a restaurant-like atmosphere. If you have music and candles to pair with a delicious meal, you’ll start to wonder why you ever spent so much money at restaurants in the past.


Entertaining guests is second nature to you


Most people automatically decide to go to a restaurant when they want to meet up with a friend. For some reason, few people ever think to just have that same experience at home and pay nothing for it. We’re here to tell you that it’s possible to have just as much fun at home and save that money for some other occasion. All you have to do is invest in some essential snacks and a few drinks to keep around the house in case someone wants to hang out.


Two words, folks: Charcuterie boards. If you have the ingredients necessary to whip one up at a moment’s notice, you’ll start to default to inviting friends over to your place when they want to hang out.


Your kitchen’s cleanliness is of the utmost importance.


Nothing makes people decide to go out to eat faster than seeing a sink full of dirty dishes. If you can keep your stovetop clean and your kitchen crumb-free, you might actually feel like spending some time in the kitchen. Give it a shot!


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