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Top Kitchen Gadgets for Your Owasso Apartment

Keeping your space tidy and uncluttered can be a challenge when it comes to incorporating all you want to have in your kitchen. At our Owasso apartments, we have created a list of the best new gadgets for you to include in your apartment kitchen to avoid clutter, while also keeping all the functionality you need!


Air Fryer

There’s a reason air fryers are the most talked about kitchen appliance of 2022. You can cook literally anything in these bad boys, and with a minimal mess and cleanup time! Save space on pots and pans and take advantage of all that an air fryer has to offer. Easily store in one of our spacious kitchen cabinets, and keep your counter space free of clutter.


Wall Mug Rack

Free up that cabinet space by storing your favorite mugs on display in your kitchen without cluttering your counters! These wall mug racks are the ideal purchase for coffee and tea lovers who can’t say no to new mugs (we get it!). Easily hang and store your mugs while freeing up that cabinet space for more of our gadget recommendations. 


Apartment Cart

I mean, the thing is called an apartment cart, so naturally, you have to have one in your Owasso apartment, right? Increase your cabinet and counter space with this moveable and stylish cart. From bar carts to cooking carts, the sky's the limit with what you can choose to incorporate with these carts.


Use Those Corners

Corner shelf spacing is a great tool when it comes to finding space in your apartment kitchen. Corner shelves, stands, and even your own corner storage ideas will help to take advantage of that typically unused space, and free up your counter and cabinet storage. This is also an ideal place to set up our next recommendation…


Coffee Machines

Whether you want to go simple with a slim keurig, or go all out with a full espresso machine, it’s rare to see a coffee lover of today without their own coffee machine. Depending on how much space you have to spare will dictate what kind of coffee machine you can choose from, but taking advantage of those corner spaces and other non-functional areas in your kitchen are your best bet. 


Of these 5 recommendations for your Owasso apartment kitchen, which are you the most excited about? Let us know!


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