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This Month in OK History from 98 Apartments Owasso

98 Apartments offers some of the most luxurious apartments in Owasso. There are endless advantages to living at 98 Apartments including our resort-style pool, our fitness center, and of course our tri-monthly blog series! This week—as in weeks past—we’re focusing on noteworthy days in Oklahoma history. This is one of our favorite blogs to write since Oklahoma is so rich with American history.

Earlier this year, Oklahoma legislators voted on House Bill 1380 which would have barred state funds from being used for AP U.S. History courses. The bill didn’t receive a hearing on the floor of the House however, which means HB1380 will not be considered again in this legislative session.

The team at 98 Owasso Apartments has a little U.S. history of our own to pass along. Truthfully, we’re better history students than history teachers. Nonetheless, we hope you can learn something new from the apartments Owasso residents turn to for top-notch luxury housing!

September 04, 1886

Geronimo surrenders

Geronimo and his followers escaped from a federal Indian reservation in 1874 and evaded American forces for more than a decade. In May 1885, U.S. troops chased Geronimo and his people south into Mexico. Somehow, Geronimo escaped again and continued raiding villages in the southwestern United States until September of 1886. Finally, he was forced to surrender by U.S. General Nelson Miles.

Geronimo was not jailed. Rather, he and his people were sent to a reservation in Florida where Geronimo dedicated himself to Christianity. He became a profitable farmer and even took part in President Theodore Roosevelt’s inaugural parade in 1905.

September 15, 1892

First classes held at University of Oklahoma

When Oklahoma was still just a territory, the territorial legislature voted to establish three universities in the name of Oklahoma. The first was the state university in Norman, OK. The second was the agricultural and mechanical college in Stillwater. The third was a normal school in Edmond which would later be named the University of Central Oklahoma. Once Oklahoma became a state in 1907, the university in Norman was named the University of Oklahoma.

The first Sooners enrolled in classes at the University of Oklahoma in 1892. The first classes were held in downtown Norman until the school opened its first building on September 6, 1893. The unique architecture on the University of Oklahoma campus is known as ‘Cherokee Gothic.’ Frank Lloyd Wright is credited with coining this unique architectural term after he toured the campus one year.

September 15, 1923

Governor Enacts Martial Law

The state of Oklahoma was placed under martial law by Gov. John Calloway Walton on September 15th, 1923 after increasingly frequent acts of terrorism committed by the Ku Klux Klan. Although this was a low moment in Oklahoma history, it did have a positive effect. The declaration made headlines nationwide, and US newspapers began to expose the KKK and their criminal activities.

September 17th, 1907

Oklahoma Constitution Approved

Future governors William Murray and Henry Johnston approved and signed the Oklahoma constitution on this day in 1907. The document was then sent to President Theodore Roosevelt for federal approval. Oklahoma would officially become a member of the Union two months later on November 16th, 1907.

September 18, 1864

Second Battle of Cabin Creek

Both the First and Second Battles of Cabin Creek were part of the Confederacy’s plan to disrupt Union supply trains. The second battle, which began on September 18th, resulted in victory for the South. The Confederate army seized a Union train containing roughly $1 million worth of wagons, mules and camping supplies.

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