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Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments

The Best Scenic Hikes in Oklahoma

The striking color palate of autumn leaves and a refreshing chill in the air make fall the best time for a scenic hike. Lucky for you, some amazing places are just an easy road trip from 98’s family apartments in northeast Tulsa. Where to go? The good folks over at the OnlyInYourState blog have listed Oklahoma’s Top 10 Out of This World Hiking Spots. Check out our 3 favorites below…then get out there and explore!

1. Narrows Trail - Wichita Mountains: Southwest Oklahoma

The Narrows Trail is one of nine great hikes in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. They say the nearly one mile Narrows Trail feels more like a climb, but that the awesome view is worth the effort. Prepare to hop some boulders on the refuge's rugged landscape, and don’t be surprised to encounter bison, longhorn, and snakes. 

2. Rough Canyon Trail - Robbers Cave State Park: Wilburton, OK

Robbers Cave State Park is in the scenic, hilly woodlands of the Sans Bois Mountains of southeast Oklahoma. The Rough Canyon Trail is a nearly three-mile loop that swings by the park’s Lost Lake and alongside the Cave Trail. Be sure to make time to visit the park’s famous caves.

3. Dripping Springs Trail - Natural Falls State Park: Colcord, Ok

The highlight of Natural Falls State Park is a 77-foot waterfall. It cascades through rock formations to create a hidden, serene grotto at the bottom of a narrow V-shaped valley. The Dripping Spring Trail leads straight to that magical place. Located on the Oklahoma / Arkansas border, Natural Falls is in the state’s beautiful Ozark Highlands region.