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Stay Healthy This Summer from 98 Owasso Apartments

At 98 Owasso apartments we try to ensure our residents are healthy and happy at all times. The sand volleyball and basketball courts at 98 Owasso apartments are meant to keep residents active and engaged with the community. The community pool helps encourage residents to get plenty of sunshine, and the PULSE fitness center provides a clean, open space to build muscle and burn through cardio workouts. Of course, staying active is only half the battle when it comes to personal health. Eating right and getting plenty of rest is just as important as maintaining an active lifestyle. The team at 98 Owasso apartments is here with some tips to keep you feeling your best this summer from Dr. Lisa Young of The Huffington Post. Her article is titled 18 Tips For A Healthier Summer but we’re going to show four, courtesy of the apartments for rent Owasso trusts for healthy advice all summer long.

1. Bring a water bottle everywhere you go.

Everyone knows that humans need water constantly but it seems to be a chore to drink those 8 glasses of water a day. One easy remedy for this feeling is to carry a water bottle everywhere you go and keep it filled at all times. This way it won’t feel like you’re running to the sink and back for water every 5 minutes. If you need a break from the monotony of drinking water all day try switching to sparkling water or flavored water. While these other options aren’t quite as healthy as natural H2O, they provide a healthy alternative to sugary sports drinks or soda.

2. Talk to everyone at the party

Here’s a great tip that most people haven’t seen before. Next time you go to a party that serves hors devours try to keep your mouth moving and your fingers away from the snack trays. The more you talk to the other guests at the party the less likely it is that you’ll have time to eat unhealthy snacks. It’s a lot harder to tell your favorite story with a mouthful of chips and salsa.

3. Eat sitting down.

Another way to avoid mindless snacking is to sit down before you eat your food. By forcing yourself to sit in a chair when you eat you avoid returning to the food table for “just one more bite.” Next time you’re at a BBQ or other social function take a look at the people who are standing near the food. Odds are you’ll notice that they’re eating something new every couple minutes without paying any attention to how much they’re eating. Fill up your plate, take a seat, and end your meal once you decide to stand up again.

4. Go nuts for nuts

People have a lot of free time in the summer. Free time often leads to boredom and boredom often leads to mindless snacking. Some of us like to have a snack on hand at all times, but there’s a way to do it without filling your stomach with sugar and fat. Mixed nuts are a great alternative to chips or other high fat content snacks. Nuts are salty, yes but they’re also full of protein without all that synthetic sugar and trans fat that ruins summer diets. Go to your local grocer and fill up a bag of nuts to keep around the house. Pretty soon you’ll forget all about those potato chips you used to crave so often.

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