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Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments

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At 98 Apartments Owasso, we try to look out for the best interests of our residents. Each and every blog we post is a part of that mission. This week, we’re going to help our residents some money.


Maybe you’re saving up for a big vacation, or you just want to throw a few more dollars into the savings account each month. Either way, these helpful tips from the 98 Apartments staff can help you spend a little less. Check them out below!


  1. Shop at the thrift store before you shop at the mall


We all get urges to splurge on new clothes, but there is a way to get that “new outfit feeling” without breaking the bank. Give your local thrift store a try first, then see if you still want to spend all that money at the mall. There are plenty of thrift stores right by our apartments in Owasso! Try checking out Style Shack, Goodwill, or Attic Fashions next time your closet is looking a little bare.


  1. Hang your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer


98 Apartments Owasso does provide in-unit laundry machines to all our residents. However, its no secret that clothes last longer when you hang them up to dry instead of giving them the rough and tumble dryer treatment. You can do an experiment on this next time you buy a couple new shirts. Simply hang one up to dry every time you wash it, and put the the other one in the dryer each time. You’ll notice that the one you hang up lasts much longer, thus saving you money on new clothes in the future.


  1. Buy snacks and bring them everywhere you go


You know those purchases you justify because they’re less than $5? Avoiding those kinds of purchases is one of the secrets to saving money. We often buy snacks and fast food when we’re running errands and don’t have time to go home and cook a meal. By carrying snacks everywhere you go, you can avoid those urges with a simple granola bar or  bag of trail mix.


  1. Write down which foods you throw away because you didn’t eat them


Do you ever buy something weird from the grocery store in an attempt to expand your palate, but end up throwing it away a month later? Next time that happens, write down the food you threw away. You’ll start to notice that you’re throwing away the same things, time and time again. Once you realize what you don’t need, you can eliminate it from your grocery list or buy a little less next time.


  1. Switch to a cheaper brand for at least one product you buy frequently


Pick a common household product like paper towels. Next time you go to the store, buy the cheapest possible version of that product. You won’t notice the savings right, but you can save around $50 per year if you save a couple bucks on every paper towel purchase. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s about half of an Amazon Prime membership! Wouldn’t you cut that bill in half if you could?


  1. Use those coupons that come in the mail


Companies are sending us free money, and we’re just throwing it away along with the annoying credit card offers! Next time you see a BOGO deal pop up in your mailbox, grab onto that thing and don’t let go. We suggest putting it in your refrigerator so you’ll remember to use it before it expires.


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