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Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments

Preparing For an Extended Absence From Your Apartment in Owasso

No matter the circumstances, we understand that there are times that you may be away from your apartment in Owasso for an extended period of time. We’re here to help take away the stress of figuring out how to leave your apartment behind in the best efficient and safest ways.



There are a couple of ways to go about taking care of your mail while being gone for a while. You can call or visit your local post office and inform them of the dates you will be gone, and they can put a hold on your mail by keeping it with them. When you return, be sure to pick it up from the post office - don’t forget! Another option is asking a friend or family member to stop by every day or two and pick up your mail for you. Don’t let it build up outside your door or in your mailbox!


Unplug Everything

Small appliances, TVs, consoles, lamps - all the things we keep plugged in on a daily basis for regular use will not be necessary while you’re gone. Not only will this keep your stuff safe and your energy bill low, it will also help the environment! Bonus points all around. 


Pets and Plants

Make sure to create a plan with a friend or family member when it comes to taking care of your furry friends as well as your leafy friends! It’s always effective to have a backup plan in place as well - you never know what could come up!


Light Timers

If you know you won’t be having any activity in your apartment while you’re away, it’s always a good idea to leave a light or two on a timer. For safety, this looks from an outside perspective like there is someone in and out of your apartment as usual. This is also much more efficient than leaving a lamp or light on 24/7 while you are away, both for the environment and for your energy bill!


Bill Plan

Whether you enroll in automatic payments or keep yourself on a schedule to pay your bills, make sure that you aren’t getting behind! Avoid those late fees by creating a plan before you leave, and keep that stress out of your time away.


That’s all for now on tips for prepping your apartment in Owasso before leaving for an extended period of time!


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