Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments
Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments
Tips for Traveling Beyond Our Owasso Apartments for Rent  We know our apartments for rent in Owasso, OK are so cozy and convenient that you might never want to leave—and we certainly wouldn’t blame you! Still, for those bitten by the travel bug and ready to get out there and stretch their legs, we’ve got some tips for you! Whether you’re taking a […] ...READ MORE
Best Museums Near Our Apartments for Rent in Owasso, OK  Museums are a great way to broaden your horizons, learn something new, and engage your sense of wonder. We’re big fans of spending an afternoon in one of Tulsa’s nearby museums, either alone, with a friend, or even with the whole family in tow! Luckily, there are lots of excellent museums within a short […] ...READ MORE
Best Burgers Near Your Owasso Apartments For RentIt’s hard to beat a good burger when you’re looking for something hearty and delicious! Looking for the best places near our apartments for rent in Owasso where you can dig into one of these American classics? We’ve got you covered! These Owasso staples are, in our opinion, the best places in town to grab […] ...READ MORE
3 Upcoming Netflix Releases You Have to See From Your Owasso Apartments For Rent  We all love having a lazy night in now and again to catch up on our favorite Netflix shows in the comfort of our Owasso apartments. For some of us, it’s even a weekly ritual! If you’re one of those folks, then you’ll love the round-up we’ve created of the three most highly anticipated […] ...READ MORE
Tips For Being A Better Adult From Apartments In Owasso  The internet is full of memes and stories of people learning about the trials and tribulations of “adulting.” Life after college is definitely an adjustment. We want to support you in this transitional period as a resident of apartments in Owasso, which is why for this week’s blog we’re focusing on how to be […] ...READ MORE
The restaurants with the best Yelp reviews near Apartments in Owasso  There are so many delicious places to eat near apartments in Owasso. It’s tempting to stay in your comfort zone of favorite, reliable haunts, but this week we’re here to shake things up. If you get overwhelmed looking for new places to eat, then today’s blog is for you.     We’ve sifted through […] ...READ MORE
Top Tech of 2019 with your Owasso Apartments  How many of you got brand new tech gadgets as holiday season gifts? If you did get a tech gadget, how often do you use it? Maybe you got a smart home speaker to use in your apartments in Owasso, or maybe you got one of those fitness trackers that tells you how many […] ...READ MORE
Valentine’s Day Recipes From Your Owasso Apartments  What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? February 14th is right around the corner, and we’ve seen residents of our Owasso apartments sneaking around with wrapped presents, pink tissue paper, and carefully-crafted bouquets. If you haven’t figured out how you’re going to impress your date on February 14th, we think you’ll appreciate this week’s […] ...READ MORE
Oklahoma History With Your Owasso Apartments  Quick, what’s your favorite historical fact about Oklahoma? It’s okay if you can’t name one, because the latest blog from your Owasso apartments is here to help. In this week’s blog post, we’ll be telling our residents about some of the most notable historical events to happen in Oklahoma in the month of February. […] ...READ MORE
Save Money When Dining Out Near Your Owasso Apartments  How often would you go out to eat if you knew you could always get half-priced meals? You’d probably dine out a lot more often, and you wouldn’t even have to feel bad about it. In the latest blog post from your community of apartments in Owasso, we’re going to be telling you how […] ...READ MORE