Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments
Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments
How to Take Care Of Your Plumbing at Our Apartments in Owasso, OKWhile we have an excellent maintenance team at our apartments in Owasso, OK, no one likes to deal with clogged drains, leaks, or water damage! Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your plumbing in great condition so you don’t have to go without a working sink, shower, or toilet. […] ...READ MORE
Pest-Prevention Tips for Your Apartment in Owasso, OKSummer is well underway and that means it’s the peak season for household pests! While we take pest prevention measures regularly at our apartments in Owasso, OK, there are many actions that residents can and should take to prevent and eliminate pests in their apartments. Here are a few of the best strategies you can […] ...READ MORE
How To Decorate Your Owasso Apartment for Rent Using Feng Shui Principles.Looking to incorporate some good vibes in your Owasso apartment for rent? If you’re looking for some guidance on decor decisions and want to explore some ancient practices, feng shui is a popular practice with many modern reinterpretations. Feng Shui is a complex practice with roots in ancient Chinese astrology and philosophy. With evidence of […] ...READ MORE
How To Sound-Proof Your Owasso ApartmentLooking for a quiet Owasso apartment? You’ll find a peaceful environment at 98 Apartments, with construction that cancels out the everyday noises from you and your neighbors so that you have a complete sense of privacy and tranquility. But for those looking for an even quieter environment that’s great for audio recording or those who […] ...READ MORE
How To Fit More Into Your Fridge At Our Apartments in Owasso, OKWith modern, stainless steel appliances in all our apartments for rent in Owasso, OK, you’ll enjoy plenty of fridge space to suit the average household. But for some, even the most spacious refrigerator has its limitations, especially if you’re a fan of meal prepping or hard to organize items like bottled beverages. These simple tips […] ...READ MORE
Best Places to Camp Near Our Apartments for Rent in Owasso, OKLooking for great campsites near our apartments for rent in Owasso, OK? There are lots of campgrounds where you can get away and enjoy nature over a weekend trip within a 30 or 45-minute drive from our Owasso apartments. These popular campgrounds are our top picks for a camping trip in the Tulsa area.   […] ...READ MORE
Advice for Residents of Our Owasso Apartments Who Are Considering Grad SchoolWhen thinking about grad school, there’s a lot to consider to determine if it’s right for you. For those with aspirations of higher education while living at our Owasso apartments, now may seem like a particularly challenging time to make a decision about how, where, and whether to attend grad school, with the pandemic’s impact […] ...READ MORE
Five One-Pot Dinners For Easy Cooking At Your Owasso ApartmentSometimes, cooking isn’t the most tedious part of making dinner; quite often, it’s the clean-up that’s the most annoying. But making meals in your Owasso apartment can be easy with the right strategy. When you’re looking to reduce time spent on cleaning up, these one-pot meals might be the perfect choice. Hearty Soup or Stew […] ...READ MORE
Apartments in Owasso, OK Talk 2021’s Most Anticipated MoviesLike many of our residents, we’re looking forward to the days when we can spend more time outside our apartments in Owasso, OK, but we’re thankful for all the great movies that helped make quarantine a little more fun. Still, we’re not giving up on watching tons of movies just because we’re excited to spend […] ...READ MORE
5 Must-Haves That Enhance Your Home Office At Your Owasso ApartmentIs your Owasso apartment doubling as your office? These tips can help make working from home a little easier. ...READ MORE