Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments
Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments

Owasso, it’s time to get outdoors!

Sure, it’s true, but some people may have park envy. Why? Well, because 98 Apartments is located close to some of Owasso’s finest parks like Centennial Park, Funtastic Island, and Rayola Park. Now that we are getting a little break from the rain, it’s time to get outside. At 98 Apartments we give you lots of options for outdoor play. Set up a game of sand volleyball or basketball with friends. Whether you choose to fish at The Lake, hang out by our beautiful pool and grill, or visit the dog park for some fun Frisbee action; we have you covered. Take a picnic and visit one of Owasso’s beautiful parks with your favorite summer time book. Need more ideas for the perfect summer time wind down? Try yoga in the park, there are lots of groups you can find through Meetup. Yoga actually gives you more energy and can relax you for the rest of the day! If you are new to yoga, here are some great tips:

  • Invest in the right gear. Check out Hibbett Sports here in Owasso and try clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move easily without being baggy are ideal.
  • Go at your own pace and do what is comfortable for you. Every yoga posture is unique.
  • Focus on connecting your breath to your movements.
  • Find what’s right for you, whether that’s a class with others or doing your own thing. We are close to The Melting Spot which offers a variety of equipment and classes.

There’s nothing better than spending summer outdoors with good friends. We offer resident referrals so bring the party home and enjoy good friends and good neighbors. 98 Apartments, a new addition in Owasso, provide the perfect location for both individuals and families. Situated in the suburbs of Tulsa, 98 Apartments in Owasso, Ok is easy access to city fun with relaxed country living.