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Oklahoma History Lessons with your Owasso Apartments

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Your favorite community of Owasso apartments is back with yet another edition of This Month in Oklahoma History! The calendar has turned to September, which means we’ll be talking about notable events in Oklahoma that have happened as the summer turns to fall. This week, we’ve got the start of a new school, the opening of a historic museum, and notable development in the clash between Native Americans and U.S. government forces. 

We think you’ll like the blog below, and we know you’ll learn something from it. Without further delay, let’s dive right into This Month in Oklahoma History! When you’re done reading through the post, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at 98 Apartments Owasso!

September 4th, 1886 — Geronimo surrenders after 30 years

Chief Geronimo, an Apache, is one of the most famous Native Americans of all time. He fought the U.S. forces for more than three decades in the mid-1800s, and the chief finally gave into government troops in Oklahoma. Geronimo’s surrender marked the end of the battles between Native Americans and U.S. forces in the Southwestern United States. 

September 15th, 1892 — University of Oklahoma has its first classes

When the University of Oklahoma held its first classes, the faculty consisted of nothing more than a President, a Language professor, a science professor, and a History professor. It was a simple operation, but it would quickly grow into the largest school in the state. The classes were held in Rock Building, and there’s still a plaque on that building in Norman marking the “birth of the University of Oklahoma.” 

The school was started on generous donations by the people of Norman and by Cleveland County, Oklahoma. The county donated $10,000 to get the school started, and the people of Norman donated 40 acres of their city to be used as the school’s campus. 

September 23rd, 1995 — Route 66 Museum Opens

There are few more appropriate road trip stops than the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK. If you’ve never been, consider doing a little day trip this weekend! It’s located right on Route 66, obviously, and it’s extremely well-maintained. The museum has recreations of classic Route 66 diners, phone booths, truck stops, and more. The timeline of the museum's exhibit starts in the 1930s and goes all the way until the 1970s. It explains why the road was built in the first place and what purpose it served. Understanding Route 66 is one of the keys to understanding Oklahoma history. 

With that, we’ve reached the end of our list of the most noteworthy events in Oklahoma history in the month of September. We’d like to take this time to thank those of you that took a few moments out of your day to hang out with us here on the 98 Apartments blog page. If we’ve done our job, you should have the knowledge you need to ace any Oklahoma history trivia game you come across!

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