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OKC Fine Dining Tips with your Owasso Apartments

Next time you leave your Owasso apartments for a trip to Oklahoma City, bring this blog along with you. Why would you bring a blog, you ask? It’s simple: this blog is going to tell you all about the very best restaurants in Oklahoma City and the best dishes you can find at each one.


According to Thrillist, Oklahoma’s best food is the Onion Burger. Most native Oklahomans know that the Onion Burger was invented here, and that’s something to be proud of. So yes, the Onion Burger made it on our list. In fact, it’s front and center. However, Oklahoma City has plenty of other options when it comes to delicious meals. There’s BBQ, Pho, and even seafood. Our state may be landlocked, but Oklahoma City’s The Drake restaurant makes it a point to secure fresh seafood every day for its customers.


See below for a list of OKC’s most well-reviewed restaurants. When you’re not visiting the amazing museums and gazing at the beautiful architecture, the staff at your apartments for rent in Owasso hopes you find time to stuff your face with the city’s finest flavors.


Tucker’s Burgers - The Onion Burger


Most people’s biggest concern when ordering a burger is the burger’s level of sloppiness. A restaurant can pile all the toppings and juicy flavors they want onto a burger, but if it’s too sloppy to eat, it’s worthless. No one wants to resort to cutting their burger up with a fork and knife.


Luckily, the burger’s at Tuckers are neither sloppy nor goopy. They are fresh, juicy and crisp enough to stay together as you stuff your mouth. The buns are buttery and lightly toasted, and the hand-cut fries are perfectly seasoned. Don’t forget to grab a shake while you’re there, because everyone on Yelp is extremely excited about the shakes at Tucker’s.


Iron Star - Chopped Beef Brisket


The Iron Star is BBQ for people who want an upscale, trendy experience to go along with their sauce-slathered ribs. You might be wiping a mess of BBQ sauce off your face at the end of this meal, but you’ll look good doing it. That’s because the Iron Star has fantastic interior decoration and real attention to detail when it comes to plating and overall ambiance.


Pho Lien Hoa - Bun Bo Hue


Like many of Oklahoma’s best restaurants, Pho Lien Hoa won’t blow you away with its outside appearance. Once you’re inside, however, the food will. Some Yelp reviewers went so far as to warn others not to wear fancy clothes at Pho Lien Hoa, because the mouth watering smell of the vietnamese food is powerful enough to stick to an outfit long after you leave. Any place with food that powerful is a place we’d like to try.


The Drake - Linguini and Clams with Chorizo


According to some Yelp reviewers, The Drake is Oklahoma’s “go-to” seafood spot, which is high praise for a restaurant in a land-locked state. You won’t see anyone complaining about the seafood lacking freshness when you read the reviews for The Drake. Instead, you’ll find people recommending the lobster roll, the shrimp, and of course, the dish mentioned above.
Thank you for spending some time with us this week on the 98 Apartments blog. We’re always happy to help our amazing residents enjoy delicious food during their travels to the big city. Check back here in a couple weeks for another blog post. While you wait, be sure to follow 98 Apartments on social media to stay up to date with all the exciting events and special offers coming from the apartments Owasso residents prefer.

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