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OKC Brunch Suggestions from 98 Apartments Owasso

Taking a vacation away from your owasso apartments can be as complicated planning a trip to Europe, or as easy as a drive to Oklahoma City. For those of us who are pressed for time and conscious of budget restraints, the weekend trip to Oklahoma City can be a nice alternative to an expensive trip that involves buying plane tickets.


It’s easy to fill a weekend in Oklahoma City with fun activities. If you’re into museums and culture, Oklahoma City has plenty of wonderful art and history museums to get lost in. If you’re a sports fan, going down to Oklahoma City to see a Thunder game is always exciting, especially now that the Thunder have Paul George on the squad. No matter how you want to spend your vacation, you’re sure to enjoy yourself in Oklahoma City.


Of course, every vacation must come to an end once Sunday rolls around (or Monday, if you’re taking a three day weekend). The best way to get rid of the last-day-of-vacation blues is to treat yourself to a big ol’ brunch before you head back home. In this week’s blog, we’ll reveal the top three brunch spots that you have to stop at before you make the drive back to your Owasso apartments.


Check out the post below, and please remember to share it with your friends and neighbors who may be planning a weekend trip to Oklahoma City.


Hatch OKC


If you like chicken fried steak, you’re doing yourself a disservice by ordering it anywhere but Hatch OKC. The same goes for the hashbrowns, a dish that gets mentioned in just about every Yelp review for Hatch OKC. For a fun little ending to your trip to Oklahoma City, we suggest that you order the PanOKcake. Yes, it’s a pancake shaped like Oklahoma. If that’s not worthy of a brunch instagram, we don’t know what is.


Cheever’s Cafe


In the category of “cute restaurants,” Cheever’s Cafe is a clear winner. This adorable brunch spot is built into what used to be someone’s home. A trip to Cheever’s Cafe will make you feel like you’re eating brunch in the home of a nice old lady. That feeling is only amplified by the complimentary bread rolls and butter that is served before every meal.


Once you’ve dined on the rolls, be sure to order one of the dishes that has caused so many people to give this restaurant 5-star reviews on Yelp. Such dishes include the green chile pork stack, the shrimp & grits and the chicken fried steak with jalapeno gravy.


Aurora Breakfast Bar & Backyard


Who doesn’t want to eat breakfast/brunch in a beautiful backyard on a crisp fall day? That’s exactly what Aurora offers, and we highly recommend this place for families with young children because the backyard will provide them with plenty of space to tire themselves out before the car ride home.


As for the food, Aurora delivers in that category as well. The menu is very traditional, and you’ll find classic brunch staples like the farmer's’ breakfast, avocado toast and biscuits and gravy. They also have a delightful tiramisu pancakes dish that comes highly recommended by Yelp reviewers. Before you get back in your car to drive back home, you’ll also want to get an order of the salted caramel cinnamon rolls for the road.


That’s all for this week, residents! Thanks for spending some time with us here at the 98 Apartments blog. We hope your next weekend trip to Oklahoma City is filled with fun times and delicious brunches. If you enjoyed reading this week’s post, please check this page again in a couple weeks when our next blog goes live. Until then, you can follow us on social media to stay informed about everything happening at 98 Apartments Owasso.


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