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OK History Lessons with your Owasso Apartments

OK History Lessons with your Owasso Apartments

Welcome to another edition of This Month in Oklahoma History — the recurring blog series from your favorite community of apartments for rent in Owasso! In this month’s post, we’ll be talking about some famous ice storms, a wild politician, and government experiments. Buckle up folks — it’s going to be a wild ride!


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February 1st, 2002 — The Great Ice Storm of 2002


No matter what the weather looks like right now, it’s undoubtedly better than the weather Oklahomans experiences on February 1st, 2002. A winter storm whipped across Oklahoma, pounding the state with rain, sleet, snow and hail. When it finally ended, more than a quarter of a million Oklahoma residents were left without power.


The damage was so severe than President George W. Bush declared it a major disaster. The state was flooded with National Guard troops and other forms of Federal aid. Oklahomans banded together and recovered, however, once again proving how capable we are in the face of adversity.


February 3rd, 1962 — Operation Bongo II Takes Place


What is Operation Bongo II, you ask? It’s the military name for sonic boom tests that took place over Oklahoma City in the 1960s. Over the course of 6 months, more than 1200 sonic booms were made over Oklahoma City. The government wanted to know if transcontinental travel at supersonic speeds would have adverse effects on a city. There was some damage sustained, but most people actually said they could live with the sonic booms!


February 23rd, 1940 — “This Land is Your Land” is Written


The man who wrote “This Land is Your Land,” — Woody Guthrie — was born in a small Oklahoma city called Okemah. While other songwriters were writing about a romanticized west that was filled with cowboys, horses and shootouts, Guthrie wrote about the hardworking men and women he saw every day.


Guthrie traveled to California in the late 1930s, and that’s when he wrote This Land Is Your Land. It would end up being his most well-known song.


February 27th, 1908 — Oklahoma’s Star is Added to the U.S. Flag


Oklahoma’s star was the 46th star added to the U.S. flag. This version of the flag existed for four years, until Arizona and New Mexico earned their statehood in 1912.


February 29th, 1932 — “Alfalfa” Bill Murray Appears on the Cover of Time Magazine


One of the most interesting, uncontrollable politicians in Oklahoma history, “Alfalfa” was a champion of the downtrodden during the Great Depression. He ran for and won the seat of Governor of Oklahoma in 1930. He even let people plant potatoes on the lawn of the Governor’s mansion as a way of showing support for the common folk! When he announced his presidential candidacy in 2932, Time Magazine put him on the cover.


Those are all the historical events we’ve got for you this week, residents! As always, we greatly appreciate those of you who’ve been coming back week after week to read the latest blog posts from 98 Apartments — the apartments Owasso residents choose for upscale living. We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another blog post, so be sure you bookmark this page so you can easily check back soon! While you wait for the next post to go live, go ahead and follow us on social media. After all, that’s the best way to stay up to date and informed about everything going on at 98 Apartments.