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October OK History with 98 Apartments in Owasso

Fall is in full swing at our apartments in Owasso, and fall means back-to-school time for lots of people. With that in mind, we thought we’d share a few history lessons with our residents. Even if you’re done with school, you’re never too old to continue your education, especially when it comes to learning about the great state of Oklahoma.

In this week’s blog post, we’ll be talking about a few events that happened in October to help shape the state of Oklahoma. In this post, we’ve got everything from naval ships to the creation of the Oklahoma lottery. Check out the blog post below, and remember to share this post with friends and neighbors at your Owasso apartments.

October 10th, 1758 — Birthday of Jean-Pierre Chouteau: First European Settler

Chouteau was a fur trader from St. Louis who came to Oklahoma Territory to establish a trading post. His post was set up near the spot where the Neosho River meets Saline Creek. This area is, of course, now known as Saline, Oklahoma. This fort ended up being the first settlement in Oklahoma that was occupied by Europeans. It was settled before any of the land runs, and existed almost 100 years before Oklahoma even became a state.

October 12th, 2005 — The Oklahoma Lottery is Born

15 years ago, Oklahoma didn’t even have a lottery. This might be surprising to people who are used to seeing Oklahoma Lottery scratch off tickets and Powerball advertisements, but this state was lottery-free for a long time. It’s not as though you couldn’t gamble in Oklahoma; there are plenty of casinos located all over the state. The lottery was only created after a statewide public vote. Oklahomans overwhelmingly approved of the creation of the lottery by vote in 2004. On this day in 2005, the first scratch off tickets were sold.

October 14th, 1968 — Durant Rocked by Earthquake

Imagine sitting in your office, minding your own business, when all of a sudden the windows break and a crack runs up the wall behind your computer monitor. You look outside to see a few sidewalk signs on the ground and people picking up fruit that had fallen off the shelves outside their store. That’s what it was like when an earthquake shook Durant, OK in 1968. It might sound minor, but if you’ve never experienced an earthquake, that would be awfully unnerving.

October 26th, 1912 — USS Oklahoma is Built

This ship wasn’t built in a day, but October 26th is the day that the “keel” was laid on the ground to begin construction. The keel is the bottom layer of a ship; the foundation. The USS Oklahoma was notable for a few reasons. Besides having an awesome name, the USS Oklahoma was also one of the first American battleships to be powered by burning oil. The USS Oklahoma mainly served in the Pacific Ocean, rescuing refugees from the Spanish Civil War and serving as a scout.

The USS Oklahoma met her end during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was hit by torpedoes from the Japanese airplanes and sunk, taking much of her 500-man crew with her.

Those are all the historical events we’ve got for this month, folks! Thanks for reading the October edition of This Month in Oklahoma History. We’ve got more blog posts coming later in the month, so be sure to check this page again in a couple weeks when our next blog goes live. Also, if you’re interested in staying up to date with everything happening at the community of apartments Owasso residents choose for comfortable living, remember to follow 98 Apartments on social media.