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This Month in OK History with 98 Apartments Owasso

Time for everyone’s favorite blog, This Month in Oklahoma History: January Edition. As always, this week’s blog is delivered by the team from 98 Apartments in Owasso. We feel that a well-written blog is an important part of the luxury housing experience. This blog is all about educating our residents on some of the most important dates in Oklahoma history. So whether you’re reading this from our Owasso apartments or elsewhere in the state, get ready for a history lesson, Oklahoma style. This month’s edition features tales of outlaws, suspicious government testing, and a timeless tune, all thanks to our friends at Blog Oklahoma.


February 3rd, 1889Belle Starr is killed in Oklahoma


Belle Starr was an outlaw (a real outlaw, not like the bar) and she is now famous enough to have her own statue at the Woolaroc Museum near Bartlesville, OK. Starr’s life changed forever when the Civil War forced her family to move to Texas, where she —as a young girl—began hanging out with some of the most dangerous men in town. In the 1860’s, Starr teamed up with these local outlaws and began robbing farmers and business owners in the Dallas area.


Starr’s lawless ways soon caught up with her, and she was forced to flee the police by escaping to Oklahoma Indian Territory. She managed to continue living a life of crime for nearly a decade before she was caught and imprisoned. Upon her release from prison, Belle found herself traveling back to Oklahoma from Arkansas, and somewhere along the way she was fatally shot in the back with two shotgun blasts. The identity of Belle Starr’s killer remains a mystery.


February 3rd, 1964Operation Bongo II happens in Oklahoma City


Things were a little crazy in 1964 America. The government was doing a whole lot of testing that was...controversial, to say the least. One such test was Operation Bongo II, otherwise known as the Oklahoma City sonic boom tests. From February 3rd to July 29th, 1964, Air Force jets caused more than 1,200 sonic booms in the skies over Oklahoma City.


Yes, there was a point to these tests beyond the scientists just wanting to make loud noises. Scientists studied the effects these sonic booms had on structures and public attitude. So why Oklahoma City? Well according to Wikipedia, “the region's population was perceived to be relatively tolerant for such an experiment.” Not sure what that says about Oklahoma City residents, but at least our state capitol was a part of history!

February 23rd, 1940 — Woody Guthrie Writes 'This Land is Your Land’


Woodie Guthrie was born in Okemah, Oklahoma, a small town along Highway 40 just east of Oklahoma City. He eventually moved to California, where he would stake his claim as one of the great American songwriters of all time. “This Land Is Your Land” is Guthrie’s most famous tune. Written in 1940, “This Land is Your Land” was a “critical response” to the equally famous song, God Bless America. Guthrie took a bit of a political stance when he wrote, “This Land Is Your Land,” discussing such issues as private property and hunger in the original lyrics. As with any great folk song, the public seized hold of the tune and made it into a far more patriotic song than Guthrie may have originally intended. Nonetheless, the song is an integral part of American culture, and in 2002 the Library of Congress added “This Land is Your Land” to the National Recording Registry.
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