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This Month in OK History with 98 Apartments Owasso

Your reliable, resident-friendly community of apartments for rent in Owasso is back with another edition of This Month in Oklahoma History. In this week’s post, we talk about one of Oklahoma’s most famous aviators, an environmental cleanup site and the opening of one of our state’s many museums.


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September 5th, 1934 — Wiley Post Flies in a Pressure Suit


Wiley Post’s family moved to Oklahoma when he was just 5 years old, but he wouldn’t stay on the Oklahoma soil for long. After joining the army only to have the war end before he saw any action, Wiley became a parachutist in a flying circus at the age of 26. He was also working in oil fields at the time, a hazardous job which would eventually cause him to lose his left eye. However, Wiley was able to profit off his misfortune. The settlement money from the accident provided Wiley with the funds needed to afford his first airplane.


Post began flying, and found he had a passion for it. That passion took him far, as he became the record-holder for fastest flight around the world, completing the trip in 8 days and 15 hours in 1931. In 1934, he began experimenting with high-altitude travel by airplane. Since Post wanted to fly at 40,000 feet, he needed his cabin to be pressurized. Unfortunately, the cabin in his plane was built in such a way that it could not be pressurized. Unfazed, Post developed the world’s first pressurized flight suit. On September 5th, 1934, Post flew 40,000 feet above Chicago using his pressurized suit.


September 8th, 1983 — Tar Creek Added to the EPA Superfund List


From 1900 to 1960, northeastern Oklahoma was a hotbed for mining companies looking for lead and zinc. While this was a profitable time for the state, it had tragic consequences. When the mining companies left town, they failed to close the mines. The lead, zinc and other harmful elements in the mines was blown around by the wind, and ended up seeping into the groundwater.


Residents of the nearby town of Pitcher have suffered the most. Many have given birth to children who have neurological damage and learning disabilities. In 1983, the EPA placed the site on their newly created Superfund list, which meant that the Tar Creek cleanup would become a focus for the agency. The cleanup has gone well, and it was estimated in 2011 that the EPA would only have to contribute 3.2 million dollars to clean the remaining mining sites.


September 23rd, 1995 — Grand Opening of the Route 66 Museum


Clinton, Oklahoma is the home the Route 66 Museum, which opened in 1995. The museum celebrates the most famous road in America, a road which was used by thousands of travelers as they escaped the dust bowl en route to a better life in California. The museum is truly a time capsule in this modern age, and we’d be letting you down if we didn’t mention the totally Instagrammable neon sign out front.


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