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This Month in OK History with 98 Apartments Owasso

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We are proud to present the March edition of This Month in Oklahoma History. Historically, March has been an especially eventful month for our favorite state. We’ve got a little bit of everything in this week’s blog post, so you can get a history lesson without ever leaving your Owasso apartments. From our state’s first female member of congress to its first tornado forecast, March has plenty of historical significance for our state.


Tidbits like these are just one of the many perks to living at our apartments in Owasso. Of course, the other perks include a sparkling pool and spacious fitness center. It’s up to you to decide which perks you like best. Now, take a look at the important dates below and be sure to check back in April for another edition of This Month in Oklahoma History.  


March 4th, 1921 - Alice Mary Robertson’s First Day in Congress


A strong Oklahoma woman, Alice Mary Robertson brought her passion for Native American issues all the way to Washington. She was the first woman from Oklahoma to be elected to the United States Congress, and only the second woman ever to hold the position. Alice Mary Robertson made her home in Okmulgee, Oklahoma where she taught in a Presbyterian boarding school. She also held the distinction of being Oklahoma’s first female postmaster when she held the position from 1905 to 1913. Alice Mary Robertson really could do it all.


March 9th, 1965 - Oklahoma Justice Takes a Lie Detector Test


After he allegedly received $7,500 for a favorable ruling, Oklahoma Justice N.B. Johnson had to take a lie detector test. He failed the test and was then impeached by the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Finally, Justice Johnson was convicted by the Oklahoma Senate, ending his career as a judge in the state of Oklahoma.  


March 16th, 1922 - WKY Becomes a Licensed Radio Station


The oldest radio station in Oklahoma and the third-oldest station west of the Mississippi, WKY began as short daily broadcast that took place from noon to 1:30pm, The station barely stayed afloat, and was eventually bought for $5,000 in 1928 by the company that published the Daily Oklahoman. For 15 years, the radio station broadcasted out of the Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. The station went through many changes over the next 60 years, serving as an FM country station, a top 40 station and an easy listening station. WKY turned into a talk station in 1994, then became a spanish radio station in the mid 2000s. Through it all, WKY has kept the same 3 call letters and Oklahomans can still tune in to 930 AM and hear the nearly 100 year old station.


March 18th, 1935 - Nation’s First Shelterbelt is Planted in OK


During the devastating dust storms of the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt commanded that states build “Shelterbelts.” Shelterbelts are lines of trees or bushes planted in on the perimeters of farms to create windbreaks and stop soil erosion and drought. The first shelterbelt was planted in Greer County, Oklahoma. More than 220 million trees were planted in total as part of the Great Plains Shelterbelt project. In total, the shelterbelts covered a 100-mile wide zone from Canada to Northern Texas.


March 23rd, 1889 - Birth of the term “Sooners”


Any self-respecting Oklahoman should know the origin of the term “Sooners.” That’s why we’re here to inform our residents. The first land run happened in Oklahoma on March 23rd, 1889. This opened up 2 million acres of land for settlement. “Sooners” were the people who cheated by going to the land before it was actually made available. They went to the land too soon. Get it?


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