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May OK History with 98 Apartments in Owasso

Hello residents, and welcome to another edition of This Month in Oklahoma History from 98 Apartments in Owasso. We’re back this week with a jam-packed blog post describing some of the more notable events that have taken place in Oklahoma during the month of May.


The story of Oklahoma is really the story of America, as Oklahoma was one of the first states to be settled during the country’s western expansion. St. Louis may have an arch that they call, “The Gateway to the West,” but Oklahoma is truly the start of America’s wild west.


Our state’s geographic location means we have tons of cool history like the early settlements that gave rise to the term Sooners, but it also means we have tragic history like that of the Snyder tornado. Read more about Oklahoma’s fascinating history below, brought to you by your favorite apartments in Owasso.


May 2nd, 1890 — Oklahoma Territory is Organized


Before we were the 46th state, we were a simple territory. The land that we now refer to as Oklahoma was opened up for settlement in 1890, and people quickly went on land runs to claim their piece of the American pie. Some people came as early as 1889, and they were referred to as Sooners. Sound familiar? People actually got mad about other people coming early, and the “Sooner Clause” was enacted, which, according to Wikipedia, said that “anyone who violated the official start would be denied a claim to the land.” Being a Sooner used to have its drawbacks.


May 10th, 1905 — The Snyder Tornado Touches Down


Unfortunately, much of Oklahoma’s May history is filled with destructive tornados. Such is life when you live in the middle of Tornado Alley. Oklahomans are accustomed to these natural disasters, but that doesn’t make it any easier to pick up the pieces when a tornado rips through a small town.


The Snyder tornado did just that when it flattened the town of Snyder in 1905. This happened before Oklahoma was even a state. The Snyder tornado struck our great state over 110 years ago, but it still ranks as the second deadliest tornado in Oklahoma history.


May 16th, 1953 — SONIC opens in Oklahoma, under another name.


In the 1950s, a man named Troy Smith had the novel idea to open a fast food restaurant with an intercom speaker system for ordering. He also built a car park and developed customized trays that would fit on car doors. His restaurant was called Top Hat Drive-In and it was built in Shawnee, OK. Later, the restaurant that teenagers loved would be renamed SONIC Drive-In. Tro Smith’s little fast food joint would quickly grow to become the nation’s largest chain of drive-in restaurants.


May 26th, 1973 — National Softball Hall of Fame Dedication Ceremony


Oklahoma City has its fair share of cool museums. Although a Hall of Fame is technically not a museum, it serves a similar purpose, to preserve and display the legacy of a group of people. Oklahoma City also has the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, so be sure to check out both places on your next educational trip to Oklahoma City.


The National Softball Hall of Fame has 394 members, including 2010 players in both men’s and women’s fast pitch softball. If you have a child who loves softball, the National Softball Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City is a must-see.
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