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Welcome to another edition of This Month in Oklahoma History from your community of apartments for rent in Owasso. This week’s post features some of the most famous events in Oklahoma history. For whatever reason,  January has been a big month for Oklahoma, historically.


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January 03, 1971 — First Commercial Barge at Port of Muskogee


The Arkansas River was excavated specifically so this event could happen. This barge brought a whole bunch of steel pipes to Oklahoma, and it was all made possible by the hardworking men who deepened and widened the Arkansas River.


January 06, 1925 — Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is Formed


As most of you know, Oklahoma used to have a serious outlaw problem. It got so bad that the government decided to create a bureau of investigation that would have more authority than the state police. The bureau was tasked with cracking down on the outlaw issue, and that they did. The government appropriated $78,000 to the bureau’s cause, which would amount to $1.1 million in 2018. The money worked though — the number of bank robberies was reduced by more than 75%.


January 07, 1892 —  Worst Mining Disaster in Oklahoma History


People didn’t really care about safety in the late 1800s, and it led to some serious workplace disasters. The Krebs mining disaster was the worst of the, as almost 100 people lost their lives in the explosion. The man who ran the mine cared about profits more than he cared about worker safety, and this strategy backfired in a big way. The Krebs mining disaster remains remains the worst mining disaster in Oklahoma history, and let’s hope it stays that way.


January 21, 1929 — Governor of Oklahoma Impeached


Here’s another event that we hope never happens again. Governor Henry S. Johnson didn’t do anything too terrible to get himself impeached, but he was, ultimately, removed from office. 13 impeachment charges were brought forward, 11 were accepted, and one finally got him kicked out of office; general incompetence. Being governor is hard work, and you definitely can’t be generally incompetent if you want to hold the seat. Here’s hoping we never have another governor removed from office for being generally incompetent.


January 23rd, 1955 — National Cowboy Hall of Fame is Established

If you’ve never been to the National Cowboy Museum, January is the perfect month to check it out! Cowboys and pioneers were responsible for settling the American West, and this museum was created so future generations could experience their iconic lifestyle. Cowboys are an integral part of Oklahoma history, and their history is worth celebrating.

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