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How To Fit More Into Your Fridge At Our Apartments in Owasso, OK

With modern, stainless steel appliances in all our apartments for rent in Owasso, OK, you’ll enjoy plenty of fridge space to suit the average household. But for some, even the most spacious refrigerator has its limitations, especially if you’re a fan of meal prepping or hard to organize items like bottled beverages. These simple tips can help you make the most of the fridge in your Owasso apartment so that you can stock up to your heart’s content.


Buy Fridge Organizers

The first and perhaps most obvious tip is to buy organizers specifically designed for refrigerators. These simple but effective bins, shelves, and dividers are cheap and easy to find so you have the flexibility to pick the best option, no matter what your needs are. Without these organizers, it can be much more challenging to use all the available space in your fridge as efficiently as possible. Plus, an organized fridge means your groceries are easier to access and nothing gets forgotten because it was hiding in the back.


Adjust your Fridge Shelves

The refrigerators in our apartments for rent in Tulsa come with adjustable shelves so you can select the optimal shelf height depending on what you typically purchase. You may discover that adjusting your shelves allows for a more efficient use of space. We still recommend combining this strategy with fridge organizers for best results.


Lay Bottles and Cartons On Their Sides

If you can, lay battles and cartons on their sides and stack them high in order to save shelf space for other items. Certain types of fridge organizers make this easier, and we highly recommend using them especially when dealing with glass bottles.


Remove Packaging Whenever Possible

All those extra bags and boxes can take up unnecessary space in your fridge and also make it harder to see everything you have at a glance, meaning fewer groceries get used. When you can, take fresh produce out of their bags and other containers and remove bulk items from boxes.


Don’t Refrigerate Items That Don’t Need It

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you could save a lot of space by eliminating items from your fridge that don’t actually need to be refrigerated. Onions, potatoes, garlic, and certain fruits like citrus, apples, and bananas are all items that may be stored in the fridge, but don’t necessarily need to be. These items would do just as well (if not better) stored in a cool, dark place (like a cabinet) or even on the countertop.


Freeze Extra Items

If you’ve got extra space in your freezer but not in your fridge, consider what items you don’t need right now that could be stored in the freezer. Breads, butter, leftovers, raw meats, and lots more can be stored in the freezer without compromising quality. Plus, freezing what you can extends the shelf life of your groceries, meaning less goes to waste.


Those are all of the tips we have for maximizing space in our fridge. If you enjoyed this post, go ahead and bookmark our blog page for easy access to future recommendations, tips, and features. You should also be sure to follow 98 Apartments on Instagram so you can stay informed about all the special events, promotions, and updates going on at our community of apartments for rent in Owasso, OK.