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How to Create the Ideal Owasso Apartments Kitchen

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It’s possible to create a kitchen you love coming home to, you just have to follow the advice laid out below in the latest blog from your community of Owasso apartments. You shouldn’t have to deal with a kitchen that makes you want to avoid cooking. Not only is cooking a great hobby, it’s also healthier and more affordable than eating out or ordering in.  There’s really no downside to cooking unless you hate hanging out in your kitchen.


The kitchens at 98 Apartments are both spacious and luxurious, but everyone’s kitchen can get crowded from time to time. Kitchen counters get cluttered with appliances and miscellaneous items. The floor gets dirty if it’s not swept, and the sink can become unappealing if it’s constantly filled with dirty dishes. If it seems like we’re describing your kitchen, don’t freak out. We’ve got a few tips for our residents that should help you all create a kitchen that you actually love using.  The sooner you fall in love with your kitchen, the sooner you can discover the joys of cooking for yourself.


Take a look at the blog post below, residents! Also, please be sure to share the link to this post with your friends and neighbors at 98 Apartments Owasso.


Give your kitchen an entertainment center


No, we’re not telling you to install a 6-foot shelf in your kitchen and then go buy a 42” TV, but you can do that if you want. We recommend a slimmed down version of an entertainment center; one that uses an iPad or other tablets as the screen, and makes use of small Bluetooth speakers for high-quality audio. You will need some kind of shelf, but it doesn’t have to be any bigger than a foot or two. Once you have this mini-entertainment center set up, you can watch your favorite shows, sports, and movies while you cook! If that doesn’t get you in the kitchen, nothing will.


Buy Yourself a new Kitchen Toy


Here’s a list of kitchen gadgets that might make you excited about cooking again. We recommend the bacon-cooker, the corn-kerneler, or if you want to get super fancy, a gyoza-maker. You’ll definitely start cooking more if you think you can whip up some homemade dumplings. Think of the Instagram opportunities!


Make sure you’re spice rack is full


Spices and herbs make cooking fun. These often-overlooked ingredients are the difference between bland food that discourages you from cooking, and restaurant quality food that makes you feel proud of your newfound cooking skills. You’re going to have to experiment with different combinations of herbs and spices before you find the right ones, but cooking is mostly experimenting anyway.


Check to see what’s on your spice rack, then go to the grocery store and fill in the gaps. You want to make sure you have a little bit of each kind of spice because that will allow you to make any kind of food you want. While you’re at the store, have a little fun and pick up some seasonings that you’ve never heard of so you can experiment even more!


With that, we’ve reached the end of our kitchen advice blog. Thanks for taking the time to read the latest post from 98 Apartments, residents! If you enjoyed this week’s blog and want to read more just like it, please be sure to check this page again in a couple weeks when our next blog post goes up on the site. Also, don’t forget to follow 98 Apartments on social media, as that’s the easiest way to ensure you never miss an update from your favorite community of apartments for rent in Owasso.