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Holiday Gift Ideas from 98 Apartments

Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

Since 98 Apartments in Owasso provide luxury housing for young professionals and families we have our fair share of younger residents. We respond to our residents love of technology by making sure every apartment has blazing fast Wi-Fi and brand new kitchen appliances. Sadly, we can’t satisfy every single technology need. That’s what holiday wish lists are for though! We offer apartments for rent in Owasso near some of the area’s largest shopping centers, so you can get presents for everyone on your “nice” list.  We put together a list of gift ideas that will work for you, your family, or the tech junkies in your friend group. These are some of the hottest tech gifts out there, which means you can be the hero this holiday season.

#1. Tile Slim Tracker

You don’t have to be a techy person in the slightest to appreciate a tool that helps you find your wallet, cell phone and keys. The Tile Slim Tracker is a little square (about half the size of a credit card) that has a bluetooth sensor nestled inside of it. When you pair the Tile with an app on your phone, you can make your wallet or keys “beep” until you find them. Tiles also have a GPS tracker in case they’re a little farther away than you thought.

So how do you find you phone with tile? If you can locate your wallet or keys, you can press a button on the Tile that will make a noise on your phone, even if it’s on silent. Hey, no one’s perfect. Everyone loses things. Or at least, they did before Tile came along.

#2. Google Pixel

There aren’t many differences between the various smartphones on the market these days. Most people decide they’re either an iPhone user or Android user. People like to fuss over minor details that don’t really make a difference. Well, the Google Pixel has a few features that might pique your interest. First of all, it can be paired with Google’s Virtual Reality headset for a mind-blowing VR experience that fits in your pocket. Secondly, it has the Google Assistant, which is basically Siri on steroids, and is only going to improve with new software updates. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, Google Pixel has the best smartphone camera on the market. Say hello to professional level Instagrams.   

#3. Alexa

Alexa is like a personal assistant that can only do certain, specific things. It feels like magic when you ask Alexa to play a certain song, or order an Uber, or tell you the weather. However, Alexa can’t handle everything in your life and you’ll soon learn its limitations.  That doesn’t mean it’s not awesome to have a robot voice that can play music, order pizza, and answer trivia questions.

#4. ChromeCast

Beginning with ChromeCast, these next two gadgets have changed the way people watch their streaming services. Chromecast is nice because it allows you to stream anything from your phone or laptop to your television. Plus, it’s a Google product so it works really well. The actual hardware is a small circle that you stick into the HDMI port on your television. Everything else happens wirelessly, and without a remote control.

#5. Roku Express

The main difference between the Roku and the Chromecast is the fact that the Roku has apps built into it, and the Chromecast uses whatever apps are on your smartphone. Both are about $40 and both will bring your Netflix dreams come true. The Roku seriously has any app you can imagine, from NFL Sunday Ticket to HBO Go and Hulu. You may never turn your TV off again.

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