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History Lessons with 98 Apartments in Owasso

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We would like to congratulate everyone living in 98 Apartments in Owasso for making it through the winter. April is here, along with warmer weather, melting snow and a few rain storms headed our way no doubt.

98 Apartments is back this month with another edition of This Month in Oklahoma History. We haven’t run out of historical events yet, and we don’t plan to anytime soon. April is an especially crowded month when it comes to historical events. We’ve got everything from Bonnie and Clyde kidnappings to the first settlement of Oklahoma City. Without further delay, please enjoy this week’s post from 98 Apartments Owasso!

April 6th, 1934 — Bonnie and Clyde Kidnap the Police Chief

“Bonnie and Clyde” are actually Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. They, along with Henry Methvin, committed numerous crimes on this day in 1934 in the small town of Commerce, Oklahoma. One of these crimes was kidnapping the Commerce police chief, Percy Boyd, and driving him across state borders into Kansas. Once they were out of Oklahoma, Bonnie and Clyde dropped the chief off in the middle of nowhere, leaving him with nothing but a few dollars and a clean shirt.

April 7th, 1959 — Oklahoma (Finally) Ends Over 50 Years of Prohibition

Most of our residents are aware of the fact that Prohibition is considered a failed experiment in U.S. policy. However, did you know that Oklahoma was actually pretty into the idea of prohibition? The state extended it long past 1933, when the federal ban was repealed. In fact, Oklahoma actually left prohibition laws in place until 1959. Finally, the law was abolished by a public vote. Not surprisingly, Oklahomans showed up to the polls en masse to express their displeasure with the law.

April 9th, 1947 — Woodward Tornado Touches Down

Quick, what’s the first thing you think of when you think of Oklahoma? Some of you probably thought of tornados, and you would not be wrong to think that Oklahoma gets its fair share of twisters. The most destructive twister of all was the Woodward Tornado, which struck Woodward, Oklahoma in 1947. In fact, six tornadoes spun off this tornadic storm, destroying more than 220 miles of farmland and towns from North Texas to South Kansas. By the time it died out, the Woodward tornadic event had caused more than $9,700,000 in property damage.

April 22nd, 1889 — Oklahoma City Area Opens for Settlement

Our state’s capitol city was settled on this day more than 125 years ago. The government opened up the land for settlement and 10,000 people flocked to the area to start their new lives out West. By the turn of the century, the city had a population of 20,000 people and was well on its way to becoming Oklahoma’s bustling commercial hub.

April 30th, 1803 — Signing of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty

This could be the oldest historical event to ever be featured in “This Month in Oklahoma History.” We have to go back over 200 years to get to the signing of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, which gave the American Government the rights to lands that included what is now Oklahoma. We paid France a small fee of $11,250,000 for this land. If this treaty were not signed, who knows what kinds of cities and people would live in Oklahoma today. Of course, a whole lot more land was included in the treaty, but we love making Oklahomans feel special.

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