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A History of July in Oklahoma from 98 Owasso Apartments

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The team at 98 Owasso apartments is pleased to bring you another edition of “This Month in Oklahoma History.” Oklahoma has a rich history that often reflects the tangled past of the United States as a whole. Oklahoma’s many traditions, celebrations and moments of remembrance have a lot to do with the large Native American population that have called Oklahoma home for many generations and the outlaws that roamed the plains of our great state. The folks at Exploring Oklahoma History do a great job of recapping significant dates in Oklahoma history each month and we love bringing our residents some of the best tidbits from the “This Month in Oklahoma History” series. As the apartments for rent Owasso prefers, the 98 team loves making your day more interesting in any way we can!

Bill Doolin escapes from jail

July 5th, 1896

Bill Doolin began his life of crime when he got caught up in the killing of two deputy sheriffs at a party one night in southern Kansas. Doolin decided that he would rather live life on the run than go to a trial for murder. According to Wikipedia, Doolin was best known as being one of the founders of the outlaw gang, the “Wild Bunch.” Doolin and his gang of misfits robbed banks, held up trains at gunpoint and killed a number of sheriffs and deputies all over Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

Doolin was finally captured in Eureka Springs, Arkansas by Oklahoma law man William Tilghman. The fugitive was jailed in Guthrie, Oklahoma but only for a few months. On July 5th, 1896 he escaped from the Guthrie jail and fled to Lawson, Oklahoma where he was eventually killed in a gunfight with lawmen a few months later. In fact, all eleven members of the Wild Bunch gang met their untimely end in gunfights with law enforcement officials.

Boise City Bombed

July 5th, 1943

July 5th happens to be an especially eventful date in Oklahoma history. On July 5th, 1943 Boise City became the only city in the continental United States to be bombed during World War II. The bombing occurred at approximately 12:30 am by a B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber. Thankfully, this was not an attack from the Germans or Japanese. Boise City was bombed because American pilots performing target practice became disoriented and mistook the lights around the Boise City town square for their practice target. No one was killed in the accidental attack (practice bombs were used and the square was deserted at the time), but the pilots were embarrassed, to say the least.

President Obama visits the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution

July 16, 2015

In an unprecedented act of presidential outreach, Barack Obama visited the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution and had an hour long conversation with inmates. This marked the first time a sitting president had ever visited a federal prison. Although members of the press were banned from bringing their cell phones or cameras into the prison, VICE cameras were permitted to film the entire visit and make a documentary with the resulting footage. That gripping documentary can be seen on HBO for anyone interested in seeing a captivating slice of recent Oklahoma history.

“Machine Gun” Kelly kidnaps Charles Urschel

Jul 22nd, 1933

Oklahoma sure has attracted some dangerous men. On July 22nd, 1993 George “Machine Gun” Kelly kidnapped wealthy Oklahoma businessman Charles Urschel. The rich oilman was released after Kelly was paid a ransom of $200,000, the equivalent of well over $3 million today.

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