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Have You Tried These Grocery Delivery Services Near Our Owasso Apartments?

Our Owasso apartments are conveniently located near some of Owasso’s most convenient shopping and have easy access to great grocery stores like Sam’s Club, ALDI, and Sprouts. But sometimes, when you just don’t have the time or energy to do your grocery shopping yourself (or when you want to minimize your exposure to COVID), it’s nice to have the option of grocery delivery. Luckily, there are several excellent grocery delivery services to choose from in Owasso. Today we’re discussing some of the top options and the pros and cons of each.


Know a friend or neighbor at our apartments for rent in Owasso who would like their grocery buying to be more convenient? Pass this post along to them once you’re done reading! Now let’s get into Owasso’s best grocery delivery services, shall we?


Prime Now


Regardless of how you feel about Amazon, there’s no denying that Prime Now grocery delivery is more convenient than ever since Amazon acquired Whole Foods. With Prime Now, Prime users get free 2-hour delivery on grocery orders over $35 from either Amazon’s warehouse or Whole Foods stores.


This option is best for folks who already have Prime accounts and use Amazon for many day-to-day purchases. That said, free 2-hour delivery doesn’t always guarantee your groceries can be delivered within 2 hours; depending on how busy the service is when you order, you may need to select a delivery window further out from your order time. This is especially likely given that the nearest Whole Foods is in Tulsa. If you need quick delivery, you may have to pay a delivery fee, or you may need to use another service. On the bright side, the availability of products is usually pretty accurately updated online, so you can expect to get what you ordered most of the time, unlike Instacart orders, for example, which often require your shopper to choose substitutions for you due to out-of-stock items.




Instacart offers delivery from a wider variety of grocery stores than Prime Now, including ALDI, Target, Costco, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and more. The delivery times are similar to those of Prime Now, with delivery within 1-hour available for a higher delivery fee and 2-hour delivery for a standard delivery fee, which can be waived for those who choose to pay for a premium membership.


Instacart is pretty reliable, with responsive customer service available to help if something goes wrong. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a wider selection of grocery stores to choose from, all under the same service. However, as we mentioned above, it does suffer from less accurate inventory updating, meaning there are items available in stores that won’t show up on the online ordering platform, and items that have sold out that Instacart shows as available. This means you’ll want to watch your order like a hawk if possible while your shopper is shopping, in case they contact you to discuss replacement options for out-of-stock items.


Imperfect Foods


Imperfect Foods is an excellent option if your focus is on fresh fruits and vegetables, although they also offer dairy, proteins, snacks, plant-based foods, and pantry staples. It’s a subscription service that allows you to customize a box of available produce and other goods that are perfectly good for consumption, but just not as pretty or uniform as what you’ll find in a traditional grocery store. This service doesn’t allow you as much flexibility as a service like Instacart and availability is subject to change each week, so you’ll have to plan your meals around what you get in your box and not the other way around. Still, this option is excellent for anyone who wants to help reduce food waste and prefers regular subscription boxes over individual delivery scheduling.


Have you ever used a grocery delivery service? We hope this post has helped you decide whether grocery delivery is for you, and which service best suits your needs! If you found this post helpful, be sure to bookmark our blog page for easy access to future posts. Before long we’ll have another blog post up, but in the meantime, make sure you’re following us on Instagram so you never miss our special events, promotions, and community updates!