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Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments

Get Fit for Summer with 98 Apartments Owasso

Whether you’re enjoying some time to yourself or hosting friends for the weekend at our Owasso apartments, our blog can help you get the most out of life in Oklahoma.


Of course, residents of 98 Apartments don’t even need to leave the community to get the most out of life. Our AZUL pool and PULSE fitness center make it easy to stay active without running all over town. It’s almost March too, which has a couple implications with regard to AZUL and PULSE. First, warm weather is returning to Oklahoma, quickly followed by sunny days spent lounging by the pool. We know you miss it, we do too.


Secondly, New Year’s Day was almost two months ago, and by now people are giving up on their half-hearted new year's resolutions to get fit. After all, almost 80% of fitness-related new year’s resolutions fail. That’s bad news for the resolution-makers, but good news for you, the gym-goer who will find much more space in PULSE than you found in January. If you found yourself spending more of your gym time waiting than working out, check PULSE this week to see if things have changed.


There’s a reason we brought up AZUL and PULSE in the same blog post. Pool season always comes after “workout until you feel comfortable in a swimsuit again” season. If you’re worried that holiday sweets have done irreparable damage on your once-rockin’ body, PULSE is ready to welcome you with open arms. The team at 98 Apartments in Owasso has a couple quick workouts for your arms and legs for your first week back at the gym.


Total Arm Revolution

Step 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended straight out to your sides around shoulder height holding two 3-pound dumbbells.

Step 2. Keeping your shoulders down, slowly do 20 small backward circles with your arms

Step 3. Switch directions and do 20 small forward circles.

Wait a minute and repeat steps 1-3, depending on how badly your are already burning.


Split Squats


Step 1. Stand with left foot forward and right foot back, in a wide stance.


Step 2. Hold a 5-pound dumbbell in each hand at your sides.


Step 3. Bend knees, keeping left knee over your ankle and lowering right knee almost to the floor (or as far as you can go) then return to standing.


Do 8–10 repetitions on each side, then wait a minute and repeat.


Once your develop a routine of going to the gym and doing these workouts, you should be in that lovely state of mind when going to the gym is just another part of your daily routine. Like any habit, working out consistently means carving out a time everyday when you force yourself to just do it.  Luckily, 98 Apartments residents don’t have to go start a cold car or beat traffic to get to the gym. That eliminates two excuses right there!


Staying fit while living at 98 Apartments gets even easier as the weather gets warmer. Playing sand volleyball and basketball on our outdoor courts will leave you with soreness in muscle groups that you didn’t even know you had. Plus, a sweaty game of sand volleyball is the single best way to warm yourself up for a dip in the pool.


Thanks for reading, 98 Apartments residents. We’ll see you out at the pool once the weather cooperates. Until then, enjoy your new workouts!
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