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Fun Indoor Activities For When You’re Stuck At Home In Our Owasso Apartments


people drinking tea in our owasso apartments

Whether you’re leaving your home every day for work or you haven’t left our Owasso apartments in weeks, you’re probably spending a lot more of your free time inside than usual this year. We’re sure that for many of our residents, the boredom is real, especially for the young children who live in our community! That’s why we’ve put together a shortlist of our top indoor activities for both adults and kids that could inject a dose of whimsy, curiosity, and novelty into your day. 

Take a Virtual Museum Tour

If you miss having the freedom to seek out new cultural experiences and learn new things, you might be intrigued to learn that many museums have online exhibits that you can explore together from home. The Louvre, the Getty Museum, and the National Women’s History Museum are just a few of the museums with virtual exhibits available online for free. You can lazily explore these exhibits from your browser alone, or share the experience with a friend while on a call together, pointing out your favorites or sharing your musings just like you would at a real museum.

Build a Fort

There’s no reason that, as an adult, you can’t build an amazing fort in your living room at our Owasso apartments for rent. If whimsy and nostalgia are some of your favorite ways to kill time, this one is perfect for you. Gather your pillows, sheets, blankets ottomans, and more and start building a fort your inner child will be proud of. If you have pets or kids at home with you, you’ll love sharing the novelty with them too.

Try Origami

One of the simplest, cheapest hobbies, origami doesn’t require much in the form of preparation; all you need materials-wise is paper. Almost any paper will do. You could go old school and make 1,000 tiny paper cranes or turn the biggest piece of paper you can find into an intricate dragon. Whatever you want to make, there’s almost certainly a template or tutorial for it you can find online. Plus, the results are very Instagrammable, if you’re into sharing.

Decorate a T-shirt

There are lots of fun ways that you can decorate a plain old T-shirt to make it more exciting. Try looking at Pinterest or similar websites to get the ideas flowing. You might go the 90s tie-dye route, create fun patterns with a bleach tie-dye, apply cool designs with fabric paint and a stencil, or free-hand something with a fabric marker. And that’s not all! You could even add textural elements with cut-outs, appliqué, sequins, and lots more.

Have a Tea Party

A tea party is a great option for those who live with family or friends at our Owasso apartments for rent. Brew up a big pot of tea (or a few different teas if you have the ability to do so), prepare some cute little finger sandwiches or pastries, and take some time to pretend you’re at a fancy high tea. This also makes for a great excuse to dress up a little fancier, just because you can.

Those are our top activity ideas when you’re stuck at home in our Owasso apartments! If you enjoyed this post, go ahead and bookmark our blog page for easy access to future recommendations, tips, and features. You should also be sure to follow 98 Apartments on Instagram so you can stay informed about all the special events, promotions, and updates going on at our community of apartments for rent in Owasso, OK.