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A Foodie’s Decorating Guide by 98 Apartments Owasso

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We pride ourselves on being the Owasso apartments of choice for Oklahoma residents seeking a more luxurious place to call home. Our gorgeous apartment interiors are just part of our luxury offering. The total package also includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, a sparkling resort-style pool and an expansive on-site workout facility. Plus, we have a bi-monthly lifestyle blog! Today’s topic is natural decor.

Food can be beautiful, but can it be beautiful enough to act as decor for your apartment? Some might say no, unless that decor is the macaroni art that your kids brought home from class last week. However, we beg to disagree. Some food —and food packaging— is beautiful enough to be put on display for everyone to see. Everyone loves food. So why should it have to hide in the refrigerator and the pantry?

It shouldn’t. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of foods that are attractive enough to be released from the cupboard and set right out on your counter or shelves. Some foods are simply too ugly to be shown to the public. That’s why we left the onions in the pantry and made sure the chicken breasts stay in the freezer where they belong. Without further delay, here is the definitive list of food that can double as decoration, courtesy of 98 Apartments in Owasso.

Pears and/or Lemons

Of all the fruit we could have chosen, you’re probably asking yourself, why pears and lemons? Well, pears have a unique shape that looks a whole lot better than your standard spherical orange or the non-uniformly shaped apples. We included lemons simply because they’re bright, and a burst of yellow on your coffee table or dining room table can bring some shine to any room. You’ll never eat an entire bowl of lemons. You might not even eat one, but grab 5 or 6 next time you’re at the grocery store and watch your apartment brighten up before your eyes.

Wrapped Candy, Especially Chocolate

Chocolate on its own isn’t the most attractive food, but chocolate wrappers have gone the way of wine labels in that they are as much about design as they are about information about the product. Check out some of the fantastic wrapper designs in the link above, then tell us you wouldn’t be proud to put that on display in your kitchen.

Olive Oil / Vinegar

You can go one of two routes with decorative olive oil and vinegar. One options is to go to the grocery store and buy the most attractive bottle of olive oil or vinegar that you can find. Having one of these oils around your kitchen will give guests the impression that you’re an expert chef, even if you aren’t. Your second option for olive oil decor is to purchase one of those stylish glass bottles in the link above, then transfer your olive oil into that. It’s very trendy now to take food out of the packaging and put it on display in glass containers. You can do this with oils, coffee beans, rice, or whatever you like!


Just in time for Easter, this decorating tip will add some life to any apartment. A bowl of eggs makes a great addition to your coffee table whether you choose to go with the timeless look of a clean white egg or mix it up by dipping your eggs in dye. Eggs are synonymous with new life, and a bowl of them will bring new life to your apartment.
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