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Father’s Day Gifts From 98 Apartments for Rent in Owasso OK

fathers day apartments for rent in owasso ok

This weekend is Father’s Day and if you haven’t picked out the perfect gift for Dad, don’t worry. At 98, we’re the apartments Owasso prefers because we go the extra mile for you. So we tracked down 3 helpful Father’s Day gift ideas with the help of Refinery29’s list of 20 Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind Of Dad (& Budget). And just for laughs, or possibly as a cautionary tale, one of the staffers here at 98’s apartments for rent in Owasso OK also came across Cosmopolitan’s 14 Worst Father's Day Gifts Ever. Check them out but definitely don’t disappoint Dad with anything on that list.

If you caught our blog last week, you already know that the team here at 98’s apartments for rent in Owasso OK loves to geek out on history.  So before we count down our top three Fathers Day gift picks, let’s take a look at the history of the day that’s all about Dads.

The first Fathers Day took place on July 19, 1910, following a proclamation by the governor of the state of Washington, according to Amazingly, it wasn’t until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, that Fathers Day became a nationwide holiday. In 1916, President Wilson honored the day by using telegraph signals to unfurl a flag in Spokane when he pressed a button in Washington, D.C. It was slow to catch on, however, as many men disdained the day. Many scoffed at the holiday’s sappy attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving, or they derided the proliferation of such holidays as a commercial gimmick to sell more products–often paid for by the father himself.

These days, even though gift-giving is the norm, it’s up to us to make Father’s Day less of a sappy gimmick and more of a sincere celebration of Dad. For you, maybe that means planning an outdoor activity or writing Dad a personal note to make the day that much more memorable.

So without further delay, here are our top 3 picks from Refinery29’s list of 20 Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind Of Dad (& Budget), courtesy of 98, the apartments Owasso Dads demand.

1. Blossom, $200

Does your dad take pride in his lawn? Does he hate to waste money? Then he’ll love Blossom. According to the EPA, as much as half the water we use outdoors is wasted. A device called Blossom combats that. It uses current weather data to more intelligently control Dad’s home sprinklers, so he’s not sending tens of gallons of water down the storm sewer. He can customize water patterns for up to 12 different zones in the yard, so his sun-loving tomato plants get the H2O they need while the succulents stay dry.

2. iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer, $95

If your Dad is always striving for grilling perfection, the iGrill2 will help ensure consistent cooking every time. It includes two probes to make sure meat is grilled evenly all over. It’s got a 150-foot Bluetooth range, and the display unit has a magnetic mount so you can glance at the current cooking temperature on the barbecue itself (if you left your phone inside). This one is especially popular among the BBQ fanatics on staff here at 98’s apartments for rent in Owasso OK. Because no one ever complains about BBQ being cooked too perfectly.

3. GRID-IT Accessory Organizer by Cocoon, $25

A place for everything and everything in its place. If tidiness and organization are priorities for your Dad, this gift will fit the bill. Reaching into your carry-on and pulling out a rat’s nest of cables is no way to start a flight. Keep cords, pens, and small electronics in order with Cocoon’s ingenious accessory organizer. The different-length elasticized straps will let dad organize accessories however he wants while keeping them secure at the same time.