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Exploring OK History with 98 Apartments

Exploring Oklahoma History

98 Apartments in Owasso has a full staff of helpful professionals ready and willing to help out our residents. Whether you need some maintenance in your apartment or some advice on local restaurants, the team at the most resident-friendly apartments for rent in Owasso has your back. We even have you covered if you’re trying to become a little more educated about Oklahoma history, thanks to our “This Month in Oklahoma History blog series. This is one of our favorite posts, and today’s edition includes a lot of important information about Oklahoma’s past, and a little bit about its future. From the Civil War to the Great Depression and on to World War II, December is a big month for Oklahoma historically. Learn a little something about our great state below!

December 4th, 1928

Oklahoma City was growing at a steady pace before oil was discovered on this date, but things really took off once someone figured out that the city was sitting on a massive underground oil reserve. People were eager to make money off the substance referred to as “liquid gold” and oil wells sprung up all over town. Someone even put an oil well on the lawn in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol Building. The depression hit Oklahoma and the rest of the country shortly afterwards, but those who had made money off the oil discovery were able to escape the economic downturn relatively unscathed.

December 5, 2006

The Oklahoma Space Authority took over the Clinton-Sherman Air park, an area now called the Oklahoma Spaceport. The Oklahoma Space Authority has been trying to attract companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic to the location for years. While it waits for the space industry to come to Oklahoma, the spaceport has kept itself afloat with funding from contracts with the Air Force and Boeing. If space travel ever does come to Oklahoma, this is where it will be.

December 7th, 1941

The U.S.S. Oklahoma was hit by four Japanese torpedos in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii during the infamous attack. The boat capsized after the final two torpedoes pierced her hull above the armored portion of the ship. Tragically, more than 400 crew members aboard the ship were killed. The boat was eventually raised from the bottom of the ocean but capsized again while being towed to the mainland United States.

December 9th 1861

Just north of Tulsa lies the Horseshoe Bend of Bird Creek, the site of the Civil War Battle of Chusto-Talasah. This is where Chief Opothleyahola and his Union soldiers were resting after retreating from Round Mountain, TX. At around 2:00 p.m. on December 9th, they were attacked by Confederate soldiers led by Colonel Douglas Cooper. Fortunately for the Union, Chief Opothleyahola had his men well positioned in anticipation of a Confederate Attack. They were driven off their land but there weren’t many casualties. The battle lasted roughly 4 hours, ending when the Union men were pushed east of Bird Creek and the sun set below the Oklahoma flatlands. The Confederate army declared victory and the Union soldiers continued their retreat northeast.

December 10th, 1988

Oklahoma State University’s Barry Sanders won the 1988 Heisman Trophy. We don’t need to do much explaining about who Barry Sanders is, do we? The once-in-a-generation running back rushed for over 2,800 yards in his junior year at Oklahoma State, averaging an absurd 7.6 yards per carry. Sanders was awarded the Heisman trophy in part because he set more than 8 NCAA records that year.

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