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Cool Travel Apps for Residents on 98 Apartments Owasso

We pride ourselves on having the apartments Owasso residents choose for luxury living, and this week’s blog post is a big part of that. If you’re going to live luxuriously, you might as well vacation luxuriously, too.


As summer comes to a close, you might find yourself wondering what you did all summer. Maybe you had tons of plans for your summer that never materialized, or you just never found the free time to go on that vacation that you wanted to experience. We’re here to tell you that a fall vacation can be just as enjoyable as a summer vacation — if not more so. Flights are more affordable in the fall because fewer people are traveling, and the same is true for hotels. You’ll also avoid crowds by traveling in the fall, which means you’ll spend more of your vacation relaxing and less time standing in line.


Forget about your summer vacation plans and start imagining your fall vacation. It’ll still be awesome, we swear. In this week’s blog post, we’re going to introduce our residents to some apps that are super helpful for anyone trying to enjoy a getaway from their Owasso apartments.


Can you imagine what life was like before we had technology to help us plan and experience vacations? Well, we’re sure some of our residents can probably imagine that time pretty easily, but the point remains. It’s easier than ever to plan an amazing vacation, so take advantage of these techy times by downloading some of the apps we mention below.


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Yes, technology has made travel easier, but there’s still a lot to keep track of when you’re planning a big trip. Enter Tripit, a cool new app that acts as your personal secretary. All you have to do is forward all your important emails and other documents to Tripit, and the app will organize the info to create an easy-to-read itinerary. Tripit can take care of your plane tickets, hotel info, dinner reservations, car rental agreements and more, so you don’t have to.



Okay, this next app has nothing to do with travel plans and everything to do with travel dining. You know the stress that you feel when you have to rush from one flight to another? Have you ever experienced that stress while also trying to squeeze in a meal at the airport? If you have, you know how horrible it is. Grab resolves that problem by letting users order food ahead of time from most airport restaurants, so all you have to do is show up, pay for the food, and keep running to your next flight. The future is truly amazing.



These days, you can get updated info through Yelp that tells you about almost any establishment including restaurants, bars, shopping centers and event venues. We’re very used to knowing everything about a place before we ever step foot inside. However, we almost never get that feeling at airports. They’re big and confusing, which is an awful combination for a place that demands quick decision making and adhering to a strict schedule. GateGuru has tons of info on almost every airport in the world. You can see maps, directories, lists of restaurants, and more. It’s a lifesaver, so don’t go on your next vacation without downloading this app.

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