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Best Ways to Experience Real Bald Eagles

This time of year, something very special happens in Oklahoma. Hundreds and often thousands of Bald Eagles, our national bird, migrate south to wetland refuges all across the state. It makes for some prime opportunities to see eagles in their natural habitat. 98 Apartments believes that being the best family apartments in Northeast Tulsa means making your life better when you’re here and even when you’re not. So we put together a quick guide to Eagle watching from the great resources at to help you experience these amazing birds firsthand.

As the chilly veil of winter spreads across the plains, approximately 800-2,000 bald eagles make their way to Oklahoma. These noble birds join nearly 80 pairs of bald eagles that are year-round residents of Oklahoma, creating boundless eagle-viewing opportunities.

Primarily a fish-eater, the bald eagle prefers to settle near Oklahoma’s lakes and rivers.  Groups of eagles will roost together in the same trees along the shores each year. With seven-foot wingspans and bright white crowns, their grand size and distinguished appearance make them easy to spot.  Watching a bald eagle in its daily routine is awe-inspiring.”

Eagle Viewing Tips

  1. The best time to observe eagles is around sunrise or sunset.
  2. Wear warm, neutral-colored clothing and appropriate outerwear.
  3. Bring binoculars, a camera, a field guide, and camp chairs for extended viewing.

Top Five Places for Eagle Watching

  1. Sequoyah State Park
  2. Chickasaw National Recreation Area
  3. Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge 
  4. Quartz Mountain Nature Park 
  5. Black Mesa State Park & Nature Preserve