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Best Books Set Near Our Apartments For Rent in Owasso, OK

Since residents of our ​apartments for rent in Owasso, OK ​have spent so much time indoors over
the past few months, we’ve been focusing on a lot of indoor activities. If you’re like us, you might
be getting more reading done than ever; you may even be running out of things on your to-read
list. But don’t worry; there are plenty of books you can find on kindle, audiobook, or available at
online sellers, and many of them set right here in Tulsa, or about real Tulsa events. If you’re
looking to connect with your community these days, the books on our list below can help you do
so from the comfort of your ​Owasso apartments for rent​.

The Outsiders

If you haven’t read ​The Outsiders​ already, it’s well worth a read. Although never explicitly
stated, the book is set in Tulsa in 1965. This fictional novel explores young characters affected
by a class war manifesting in the violent conflict between two rival gangs. While the book
frequently appears on banned books lists, it also commonly appears on many middle and high
school reading curriculums. If you’re looking for a gritty classic with plenty of social commentary,
this might be the one for you.

Black Wall Street

If nonfiction is more your speed, this history of Tulsa’s Greenwood district could be your cup of
tea. The book chronicles the district’s rise as a bustling center of black culture and business in
the city, touching on its role in the civil rights movement before discussing the devastating race
riots of 1921 that resulted in the deaths of many black residents of the district. If you’re
interested in learning more about Tulsa’s history, the civil rights movement, and race relations in
20th Century America, this might be the read for you.

The Searchers Series

If you’re looking for a good romantic-suspense series to start, The Searchers could suit you
well. Its three installments chronicle three sisters rocked by a series of revelations made by the
reading of their dead father’s will. Though somewhat formulaic, this series makes an easy read
full of intrigue, romance, and determined women. Only the first book takes place in Tulsa, but
we’ll give all three of them a pass because once you finish the first book you’ll want to keep

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