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Best 2020 Netflix Releases To Watch At Our ​Owasso Apartments for Rent

Owasso Apartments for Rent netflix

Many residents of our ​Owasso apartments for rent ​have found themselves spending a lot more
time at home than they used to lately and we’re feeling more grateful for television streaming
services than ever. If you’ve exhausted your list of shows to binge and movies to watch, allow
us to add a few more things worth watching the next time you’re stuck at home in our
apartments for rent in Owasso, OK ​with some free time!

These 2020 Netflix releases are worth watching if you haven’t already. And if you know a friend
or a neighbor in our ​Owasso apartments for rent​ who could use some show recommendations,
don’t forget to share this list with them too!

Tiger King

Lovers of true crime shows are raving about Tiger King recently. This Netflix documentary takes
a deep dive into the world of big cat ownership, private zoos, and animal rights advocacy groups
in America, centering primarily around Joe Exotic and his rivals, allies, and associates. If you
enjoy shows that feel like a train wreck you just can’t look away from, Tiger King might be the
series for you.

Locke and Key

Based on a comic series, Locke and Key follow the Locke children who have recently moved into their late father’s childhood home, Key House. Magic and mystery quickly become part of their lives, but along the way a sinister past unearths itself, threatening to alter the Locke family’s lives, or even end them. If you enjoy a teen-driven fantasy thriller, this show might be perfect for you.

I Am Not Okay With This

For another supernatural teen drama featuring dead fathers, I Am Not Okay With This tells the
story of a teenage girl with nascent magical powers she can’t control. But much like Locke and
Key, this show takes that familiar, fun premise and turns it toward the sinister while still offering
plenty of comic relief and relatable teen angst along the way. If you enjoyed the Netflix show
The End of the F***ing World o​ r the movie ​Carrie​, you might love ​I Am Not Okay With This​ too.

How To Fix a Drug Scandal

For more true crime, ​How To Fix a Drug Scandal​ could be just your cup of tea. The
documentary follows a Massachusetts crime drug chemist who abused her position to fuel her
drug addiction, as well as her effect on the legal system and potential wrongful convictions that
her actions may have led to. If you’re interested in legal drama, scandal, and crime, this series
may be just the right show to add to your watch list.

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