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Apartments for Rent in Owasso, OK Talk Tips for Being a Team Player

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Whether it’s at work with your coworkers, playing games with apartment-mates at our apartments for rent in Owasso, OK, or on an actual sports team, being a team player is a skill that makes a huge difference. Nobody likes it when someone doesn’t know how to work well with others, whether it’s that person who never contributed to group projects or your coworker who always has to do things their way. But how can you be a better team player?

We’re sharing our top tips for being a better team player that you can employ in all aspects of life, whether that’s out in your neighborhood or at home in our apartments for rent in Owasso, OK. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Follow Through

It may seem obvious, but nothing destroys a team’s success more than someone not doing their part. When you say you’re going to do something, follow through. If you run into problems and can’t deliver on time or as promised, be upfront about it and explain how you’re going to fix it, or ask for the help you need to push through. Simply being reliable goes a long way in earning the trust and appreciation of your teammates.

Show Respect

We all have our own opinions and ways of approaching a challenge, and sometimes those differences are bound to create tension. But it’s essential that you always treat your teammates with respect. And it’s not enough that you have respect, you also have to show respect. That means listening to what they have to say, presenting your thoughts carefully, and giving your teammates the chance to teach you something new. 

Listen Actively

Active listening goes a long way in showing your teammates that you respect and value them while also facilitating your ability to work together efficiently. When your teammate speaks, really take time to listen. Confirm that you understand by repeating what they said in your own words, giving them a chance to clarify if you are mistaken in your interpretation. Then respond thoughtfully. This process not only demonstrates care and attention, but it also allows you to ensure everyone is on the same page when it’s time to move forward.


Don’t expect to do your share of the work completely independently, and don’t simply let others do all the work for you. Participate in the challenge at hand and collaborate even if you’re primarily responsible for one section of the task at hand. This applies whether you’re planning an event at work or redecorating the living room at your luxury apartments in Owasso. Whatever the task, asking for (and offering) help and advice ensure that the final product is cohesive and successful while also ensuring that your teammates appreciate the work you’re putting in.

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