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Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments

98 Owasso OK Apartments Gets Spooky for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, so the team at 98 Apartments in Owasso is discussing some of the best and worst costumes that seem to pop up year after year at every costume party. We love being the apartments for rent Owasso residents turn to for high-end Oklahoma living. As part of that high-end offering, we like to provide residents with an entertaining, informative blog series that only adds to the value of our living community.

Owasso and the rest of Oklahoma has plenty of halloween celebrations that range from family-friendly to totally terrifying. No matter which side of that scale you fall on, you’ll get a kick out of the family that turned their house into an insane asylum...for charity. Halloween, for all its pomp and circumstance, is essentially a community holiday where people gather in the streets and go door-to-door to their neighbors houses. What better way to celebrate with the community than a charitable donation that scares kids and adults alike? Without further delay, here are our opinions on some of the most popular Halloween costumes every year.

1. The zombie

Guys or girls dressed as zombies are either experts at makeup themselves or they have very dedicated friends willing to help them out. For what it's worth, this makeup point applies to anyone dressed as a clown, a vampire, or a skeleton. Friends with makeup skills are difference-makers when costume party season rolls around. These are the friends that you want to treat extra well during the month of October so that they don’t turn you down when you call them up last minute on October 31st.

2. Indiana Jones

Some guy is always dressed as Indiana Jones at every halloween party. You know he was walking through the halloween costume store, unsure what to buy, when all of a sudden he saw a toy whip sitting on a shelf. Out of that simple whip, an entire costume was born. He might be wearing a leather jacket that’s way too big, and he might get a little annoying with the whip, but you’ve got to give this guy credit for not being afraid to go with a tried and true costume last minute. People know who he’s supposed to be, and that’s often half the battle when it comes to Halloween costumes.

3. The ghost

Whoever shows up to your next costume party wearing a sheet with holes cut in it should have to greet people at the door all night. Dressing up as a ghost is only one step above not dressing up at all, since everyone knows dressing up as a ghost means you forgot it was Halloween until 2 hours before the party. This person is likely to crack a lot of jokes about how their costume is so unoriginal that it's actually original, but don’t buy it. Kids dressing as ghosts is another story. Ghost costumes on children are always adorable and should be encouraged.

4. The couples costume

Couples costumes can either be incredibly creative or incredibly corny. Sometimes they can strike the perfect balance between both. Our favorite version of the couples costume is the couple from an 80s movie. Timeless, hilarious, 80s couple costumes have it all. The worst kind of couples costumes are the ones you see every year. When a couple shows up wearing the same “Batman and Catwoman costume that you see every year, it means that not one, but two people were less than original with their costume choices. However, some classic costume choices never go out of style. Here’s looking at you, couple dressed as peanut butter and jelly.

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