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98 Luxury Apartments in Owasso Presents This Month in OK History

As part of our blog series for 98 luxury apartments in Owasso, we like the touch on some of the well known, and not-so-well-known events that helped shape the Oklahoma we live in today. As the apartments for rent Owasso prefers, we feel it is our job to provide our residents with a little more context to their lives in Owasso, OK.

Oklahoma is a state filled with tales from America’s past. Bank robbers and other outlaws roamed from small town to small town, leaving a trail of stories behind them everywhere they went. Native American tribes lived in these lands many years ago, often at the same time and in the same areas as settlers. Battles were fought here, treaties were signed, and America expanded westward. Almost every day in the calendar year has some important piece of Oklahoma history associated with it, and many times those events mattered to the rest of the country as well. Below you will find some of the events, people, and places that were important many years ago in the month of October.

October 10th: First non-Indian Settlement in Oklahoma

The oldest permanent American settlement in the state grew out of Auguste Chouteau, a wealthy fur trader and the founder of St. Louis, MO. Chouteau created the first permanent settlement in what is now Salina, Oklahoma. He left St. Louis in 1802 to establish a trading post to conduct transactions with the Osages Indian tribe that lived in the area. A year later, the area became a part of the United States with the signing of the Louisiana Purchase. Chouteau would continue to live in the area, and actually provided Lewis and Clark with useful information about the indigenous populations in Oklahoma.

October 12: Creation of the Oklahoma Lottery

What the people want, the people get. The Oklahoma legislature put a state lottery on the ballot on 2003 and the people of Oklahoma voted resoundingly in favor of its creation. Funds were allocated and a trust fund was soon created for the lottery. It began with scratch off tickets, but by 2006 the lottery included Power Ball and Pick 3 as well.

October 13: 4.3 Earthquake

We should all be thankful that a 4.3 earthquake counts as one of the largest in state history. This 2010 earthquake rattled windows and startled residents but only caused 2 injuries in the entire state. Readers of The Oklahoman reported the quake felt and sounded like "a 747 landing in the neighbor's yard," "a semi hit our house" or "my house had been hit by a trash truck." Lets hope this is the only earthquake we write about for awhile.

October 23: Governor Walton is Impeached

Governor Walton overstepped his authority in an attempt to stop the Ku Klux Klan, but also an attempt to remain in power. Walton declared martial law in Okmulgee and Tulsa county, then completely ignored the Oklahoma Constitution by suspending the writ of habeas corpus in Tulsa county. The writ of habeas corpus allows unlawfully imprisoned people a day in court. By suspending this writ, Walton was essentially making it possible for him to imprison whomever he wanted. The Oklahoma Constitution, of course, forbids any member of political office from suspending this writ.

As a result, Walton was impeached. He tried to delay the impeachment by declaring martial throughout the entire state, but the legislature was able to work around that and eventually voted to remove him from office. The disastrous effects of Walton’s time in office forced Oklahoma to revamp its electoral system. So in the end, Walton did do some good.  

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