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98 Apartments Owasso Presents: This Month in OK History

Most residents of apartments in Owasso go about their day-to-day lives without ever really thinking about the historical significance of the state in which they live. Oklahoma is so rich with American history that our team is able to dedicate one blog each month to specific historical dates. The calendar never disappoints either. This month, the 98 Apartments Owasso team was able to find references to everything from mine explosions to Jim Thorpe’s olympic medals.

Although not all history is good history, all history is important history. The more we know about our past, the less likely we are to repeat our mistakes. For instance, it’s a very good sign that the worst mining disaster in Oklahoma history happened over 120 years ago. That means we aren’t making the same mistakes!

Take a look at the dates below for a brief Oklahoma history lesson, and let us know if you can think of any dates that we missed!

January 6th, 1925: Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation established

To combat the roving gangs of outlaws that terrorized Oklahoma in the 1970s, Governor M.E. Trapp created the Oklahoma State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. The government later came to its senses and decided to save people some time by renaming it the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation.

January 7th, 1892: Kebs mine explosion

The worst mining disaster in Oklahoma history left over 100 dead on this day over 120 years ago. The disaster happened because of the mine operator’s decision to put profits over safety. Cheap, inexperienced workers were left to handle thousands of pounds of explosives, and one day it all went wrong. One such worker mishandled a crate of explosives, destroying more than 100 acres of land in and around the mine. A memorial was erected in 2002 to honor the victims of the Kebs mine explosion.

January 18th, 1983: Jim Thorpe gets his Olympic Medals restored.

Oklahoma’s own Jim Thorpe was born somewhere near Prague, OK in the late 1800’s. He would go on to become one of the great American Olympic athletes of all time. Unfortunately, his medals were stripped from him in 1912 after he admitted he had once been paid to play baseball. Some 70 years later, his medals were finally returned to his children after Thorpe’s death.

January 21st, 1929: Governor Henry S. Johnson is Impeached

1929 was not the most pleasant time to be alive in America. Prohibition was in full swing and the Great Depression would soon take effect for the next decade or so. It was an especially bad year for Oklahoma Governor Henry Johnson, who was impeached on the charge of “General Incompetency.” Ouch.

January 23rd, 1955: National Cowboy Hall of Fame established in Oklahoma City

Charles A. Reynolds—the longtime President of Lee Jeans Company—came up with the idea for a museum that would honor the cowboys of the American West long after their era was over. The museum still stands today in Oklahoma City, and contains more photos of the old American West than any other museum in the world.

January 27th, 2001: OSU plane crash tragedy

10 players, coaches and trainers of the Oklahoma State men’s basketball team tragically lost their lives in a plane crash in eastern Colorado on this day in 2001. A memorial has since been built in the very field that the plane crashed in. The memorial features the names and faces of the people who died, as well as two arrow; one pointing east to Stillwater and the other pointing west to the site of the crash.

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