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Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments

5 Ways to Personalize Your Apartment in Owasso, OK

Knowing how to make your space your own is one of the best ways to truly love your space. Even if it feels perfect, take a look at how you can improve the personalization of your space to reach maximum comfort and serenity in your Owasso apartment.

Know your colors

Before you can find the right supplies for your space, you need to know what colors you want to see more (and less!) of in your home. If you’re not sure, Pinterest can be your new best friend! Once you decide what color schemes you want to follow in your home, then you can move on to the fun stuff! Like…


If you are looking to add in some more color to your space, curtains can be a saving grace. Bright, bold curtains could be exactly what your space is missing to add in that pop of color you seek! If more color is not what you are looking for, try finding a neutral color in your space (white, beige, grey) and capitalize on it with those curtains! Make sure to know how much light you want to let in, or keep out, before deciding on your material type!


Accent pillows, as fun as they are, can be tricky! You want to incorporate enough color and design to brighten or bring together your space, but you don’t want to be “the pillow lady” from the commercials with so many pillows that you can’t sit down. Similar to curtains, accent pillows can add in that pop of color you feel you are missing, or they can be a way to tone down your space if you feel it has too much going on.

Smart storage

Whether you are someone who keeps everything on display, or you like to keep things minimal and tidy, knowing how to keep things stored in your space is the key to personalizing it to perfection! Remember: shelving, storage tables, bins, and ottomans can be your best friend when it comes to keeping your space functional, while preventing clutter.

Area rugs

Finding the perfect rug for your space is like having a perfect hair day, only it’s every single day in your space! Again, this is one of those times that Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to deciding what size, shape, and color of rug will fit perfectly in your space, and give it that “you” touch!

That’s all for now on our tips and tricks to personalize your space! Which one are you going to try out first? If you enjoyed this post, go ahead and bookmark our blog page for easy access to future recommendations, tips, and features. You should also be sure to follow 98 Apartments on Instagram so you can stay informed about all the special events, promotions, and updates going on at our community of apartments for rent in Owasso, OK.