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5 Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Apartment in Owasso, OK

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At 98 Apartments, we strive to give you all the space you need to feel perfectly at home and have everything you need on hand. But renting an apartment, even one of our apartments in Owasso, OK, inevitably means having a little less storage space than you’d have in a single-family home. Still, the right tips and tricks can help you use your space efficiently and ensure there’s room for all your prized possessions. Here are a few ways you can add extra storage to our Owasso apartments for rent.

Hanging Shoe Organizer
If you have a lot of shoes, it’s easy for them to take up lots of added floor space, which can be an issue for smaller floor plans. That’s why a hanging shoe organizer is a great solution. You can easily find over-door or in-closet hanging shoe organizers that not only keep your shoes out of the way but also helps make sure they don’t accumulate dust or dirt. It’s also a great option for storing extra toiletries and makeup, craft supplies and tools, and whatever other small odds and ends you may have lying around.

Sideboard or Console Table
A sideboard or console table is an excellent way to add storage along a wall in your Owasso apartment. These options take up minimal floor space and utilize vertical space to provide added storage for smaller items. This is another great option for your rarely used items, crafting supplies, paper goods, and other odds and ends that have nowhere else to go.

Storage Ottoman or Bench
An ottoman or bench seating with a storage compartment is the perfect way to create added storage in your living room. This option is ideal for storing extra blankets, DVDs and video games, pet supplies, or anything else that typically gets used in the living area.

Under-bed Storage Bins
Many students rely on under bed bins for their dorm room storage, but they’re also the perfect option for adults living in apartments. If you’ve got stuff that you need only rarely, but don’t want to get rid of, slotting them away under your bed might be the perfect option. Plus, this is easily one of the most affordable options on this list.

Shelf & Drawer Organizers
Making the most of the storage space that you do have in your apartment in Owasso, OK could be all you need to make room for all your stuff! This tactic is especially useful for those who need added kitchen or pantry storage. Drawer and cabinet organizers can help you pack more stuff into the same amount of space and access all that stuff more easily.

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