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Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments

5 Tech Tips for the New Year from 98 Apartments Owasso

Here at 98 Apartments in Owasso, we like to help our residents with the little things in life. One such little thing is the technology we use every day. Maybe 2017 can be the year that you master some of the best practices for using your laptop, smartphone and social media accounts, It’s hard enough to juggle your career, your family and you own personal interests without one technological mishap ruining your whole week. There are ways to make sure you never have that “Oh no” moment when staring at a blank computer screen or a deleted file. As the apartments Owasso residents choose for luxury and convenience, we thought we should share some simple ways you can be a little more tech-savvy this year. With a little help from our friends at PC Advisor, we put together a list of 5 Tech Resolutions for 2017.

In fact, you can try one out as soon as you’re finished reading this blog. Who said New Year's Resolutions were hard to keep?

5. Finally, finally, finally back up your data.

There are two basic methods of backing up your date. The first way is to go buy an external hard drive, plug it into your computer, and copy every file onto the hard drive. Then you can keep this hard drive in a safe place, plugging it back into your computer to backup more files every few months when necessary. The second — more modern —way to backup your date is by purchasing a web-storage backup service such as Crash Plan. This service will run a program on your computer that automatically backs up data every 5 minutes or so. Both methods are simple and will save you from pulling your hair out when that important file is nowhere to be found after your hard drive crashes.

4. Rescue your parent’s old videos and images.

Those VHS tapes and polaroid images are slowly dying, just waiting for someone to breathe life back into them through digital preservation. Think of the Facebook likes those old home videos would be able to garner if you could just get some from the VHS to your computer! Well, it’s possible with today’s technology. As for the polaroids and other printed images, just snap some pictures of the pictures and you’re set.

3. Keep up with the rest of the world by downloading the latest operating system.  

Your computer has been bugging you for weeks —possibly months—to upgrade to Windows 10 or the newest Mac OS. We hereby give you permission to stop reading the blog and upgrade right now. It’s the year 2017, your technology should be spectacular!

2. Let technology help you reach your fitness goals.

You’ve probably been hearing about Fitbits and smart watches and sleep monitors and wondered what all the fuss is about. Well, people are now using wearable technology to track their movements. Instead of relying on their friends to get them to workout, people can now rely on their smart devices. It’s very hard to stay on the couch when your fitbit tells you that you haven’t taken a step in 2 hours.

1. Delete old files, erase useless documents and de-clutter your desktop.

Just like de-cluttering your apartment helps you feel more at peace, decluttering your desktop helps you feel much more calm when using the computer. A cluttered desktop is like having clothes strewn all over your bedroom. You know that you want to wear that one shirt, but you can’t find it, so it ends up taking you twice as long to get dressed. The same principles apply to finding files and searching for folders. End the madness, declutter today.

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