Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments
Blog Page for Luxury Apartments in Owasso, Ok - 98 Apartments
Top Kitchen Gadgets for Your Owasso ApartmentKeeping your space tidy and uncluttered can be a challenge when it comes to incorporating all you want to have in your kitchen. At our Owasso apartments, we have created a list of the best new gadgets for you to include in your apartment kitchen to avoid clutter, while also keeping all the functionality you […] ...READ MORE
Move-In Checklist For Our Apartments in Owasso, OKGetting ready to move into our apartments in Owasso, OK? We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home! As you prepare for your move to 98 Apartments, there are a few items to make sure you have in order so that your move-in day goes smoothly. Here is a handy checklist to keep […] ...READ MORE
5 New Books to Check Out for Summer in Your Owasso ApartmentFor many of us, summer is a great time to enjoy some peaceful reading, whether it’s while enjoying the summer weather, or avoiding the heat inside our apartments for rent in Owasso. Here are 5 new books to look forward to reading this summer, no matter where you choose to relax!   The Children on […] ...READ MORE
5 Ways to Personalize Your Apartment in Owasso, OKKnowing how to make your space your own is one of the best ways to truly love your space. Even if it feels perfect, take a look at how you can improve the personalization of your space to reach maximum comfort and serenity in your Owasso apartment. Know your colors Before you can find the […] ...READ MORE
How To Incorporate Color Therapy Into Your Apartment in Owasso, OKIt’s no secret that different colors can instill different emotional and mental states in those with the ability to see them, and people have been taking advantage of that fact in home decor for many years. Although the science behind this phenomenon is still lagging behind the common perception of this phenomenon, there is early […] ...READ MORE
5 Things To Grab If You Need To Evacuate Your Apartment in Owasso, OKAlthough we hope you never have to evacuate your Owasso apartment, it never hurts to be prepared for the unexpected. In the case of a natural disaster or similar event, it’s important to be ready to go quickly, so knowing ahead of time what you need to take with you can help keep you and […] ...READ MORE
5 Stretches For People Who Work From Home At Our Owasso ApartmentsDo you work from home at your Owasso apartment? If you do, you likely spend a great deal of your day seated at a desk, even more so than other desk workers who physically commute into an office. And with all that sitting, typing, and hunching toward your computer screen, your back, glutes, shoulders, and […] ...READ MORE
How To Maximize Your Security Deposit Refund When Moving Out of Your Owasso ApartmentWe like to see residents of our Owasso apartments stay around for years and years, but when life circumstances lead you to move, we strive to make that transition easy. One of our goals when residents move out is to square away the final bill and return your security deposit as quickly as possible. As […] ...READ MORE
Best Retail Near Our Apartments in Owasso, OKOne of the perks of our Owasso location is all the convenient shopping and other retail located within minutes of our Owasso apartments. In fact, 98 Apartments’s location near Mingo Valley Expressway makes it one of the best places in town for shopping, as multiple shopping centers can be found within minutes of the community […] ...READ MORE
Owasso Apartments Share What You Need To Know About Renter’s InsuranceSince we require renter’s insurance for all residents of our Owasso apartments, our management staff have become very well-versed in the ins and outs of these insurance policies. In fact, with this requirement becoming standard for the rental market, we know many renters have become familiar themselves with the basics of these policies. But if […] ...READ MORE